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Valet parking also known as a Meet and Greet in the United Kingdom, is a service provided by many airports to alleviate the added time, stress and hassle of having to ‘self-park’ and find a space in a busy car park which could be far away from your terminal or destination. Valet parking usually incurs a flat rate fee unless the establishment or tour package has offered it. Valet parking is useful for when you’re traveling with large groups, carrying excess baggage, are running late, or want that added luxury and convenience and peace of mind that your car is being tended to. Some valet services include car-cleaning services such as wash and waxing, vacuuming or window cleaning. Some cars will have a separate ‘valet key’, this valet key gives access to the door and ignition but will not unlock glove compartments or boots/trunks. Valet attendants hold onto your keys until you return from travelling. Valet attendants are well trained in ‘stacking’ cars together in straight lines to save on space, they are well insured and should have a thorough knowledge of different models of car and how to operate them. The valet attendant returns the car and key upon arrival at an agreed time and place. Find providers of valet parking systems, services and ticketing solutions for airport car parks and hotels. Improve customer retention by providing a helpful service from the moment your clients arrive. more

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