Typical Enquiries

  • I am looking for a biodegradable bowl that is microwave safe and can have a top sealed to it similar to a cup a noodle. I am initially looking to consume 100,000 units per month. I look forward to hearing from you. CEO, Innovative International Food Alliance
  • I have a customer looking for parts for his Hema filler Model 3.3 can you help? Owner, Procurement
  • Hi I want a direct contact details for you, and discuss my companies needs as a snack producer in Norway. We will be packing all our food products in environmental friendly packaging materials and want your assistance and products. CEO, Tornsvalen AS
  • Interested in setting up a unit for applying coating on a multilayer pe film. need more info on the adhesive to be used. Director, Agam Corporation
  • Dear Sir/Madam, I am currently sitting my IOP diploma in Packaging technology. For my final assignment I am looking at the affect of changing wine bottles primary packaging material from glass to plastic. I am looking for some information on new PET wine bottles and their manufacture. Would it be possible for you to send me a detailed specification sheet on your 75cl wine bottles (clear and green) to use as reference in my assignment? Any information you could possibly pass on to me in regards to the manufacturing process used for the bottles, ingredients and quantities used in the mix for each bottle e.g. PET, colorants, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Packaging Technologist/Buyer, Vascutek
  • I'm interested in cellulose films for battery separators. Core Technology Director, Power Paper
  • We are looking for wine bottles for our wines. We are currently using a supplier, but looking to change. I would like to see your wine bottles, and if you have anything different or creative. I look forward to hearing from you. CEO, Vinaio Canada
  • We have a certified organic vegetable farm in Ontario. We will be selling our salad mix to several large grocery stores starting this spring. We need to find suitable eco-friendly (prefereably bio-degradable/compostable) packaging to sell 5 oz & 14 oz. sized packages. For the first season, we would likely need approximately 10 - 15,000 units. Would it be possible to talk with someone at your company about packaging options? Thanks. Owner, The New Farm
  • We are wonder about the bio degradable packaging suitable for ice cream 500ml and 5Litre and the costings. we are in the process of starting our company. Managing Director, Feld Fere
  • Dear Sirs, We are a plastic recycling company that recycles all types of plastics and a vast range of plastic products. We currently have an unusual request from a national TV Station requesting us to provide them with 1,000,000 (one million) plastic bottles of varying sizes, shapes, colours and material types. These should preferably be production rejects or end of range, old stock etc. They need not have caps and we can arrange collection over the next few months (the requirement is for April this year). The contract with them will require us to organise the supply from one or several companies and for us IES Ltd to take back and recycle the material at the end of the program. I would be most grateful if you could contact me. M.D. IES Ltd
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