Typical Enquiries

  • Hello: Our company and its sub-line known as Acepack, which is dedicated to produce some food plastic packaging (fruits, vegetables, eggs, cakes and fast food), and we would like to know all your product description (datasheet) specially for CPET sheet, we also would like to know if we could ask for some samples of this material according to the following requirements: CPET: Color: Black, Weight: 15 kg, Wight: 480 mm and Thickness: 450 µm CPET: Color: Crystal, Weight: 15 kg, Wight: 504 mm and Thickness: 600 µm We‚ll be waiting for your response. Purchasing Department, Acero Estructural
  • I am interested in purchasing your faberge egg boxes for our retail and online book and giftshop. Do you have an Australian supplier, if not, a wholesaler we can purchase from in the US or UK? Kind regards. Laborare PL TA Veritas Central
  • We look out for a partner that can supply PET bottles for the Swedish wine market. We know that your company do. We would like to get in touch with the person in charge of Wine PET bottles and discuss a potential supplier cooperation. General Manager, Concealed Wines AB
  • kindly quote us your best price for nails packing machines and send us full details regards. Engeneer, United Wires Company
  • We are contacting you in regards of a project we are currently developing. We were asked to come up with an innovative product for our International Management class and have chosen to invent a double sided peanut butter jar. We would like to inquire about your company producing a double sided plastic jar for us. Our budget will allow us to purchase large quantities of these jars to move forward with our project. Please let us know the costs of producing a jar of this sort and if your company is interested in this project. Product Manager, No Mess Peanut Butter
  • Can you confirm your agents are still operational in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia? Zack Lim Sales and Marketing Director Ideal Color Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Ops Manager, Pindar Graphics
  • Plastic bottle. Volume should be 250 cl per bottle. Needed two colours: 1) Red bottle 2) Green bottle The cap should be metallic. The label we don‚t need to stick up. The bottle prototype you can see on www.aircafe.lv page 4 on the top of the right hand. Director, T.T Company
  • We are looking for a coating machine for our internal manufacturing purpose. Up on receiving the contact details, we would be able to give you a detailed specification of adhesive,substrate and the method of coating we are looking for. Thanks. Engineering Manager, FCI Microconnections Asia Pte Ltd
  • I want to ask that does your company provide polyethene of pharmaceutical grade ? As i want to import it directly from you. Manager, AZ Pharma
  • To the attention of the Artenius Pet Packaging Europe Public Relations Officer Dear Sir As a mixed media artist I am invited by Michel Dewilde, art curator of the Cultural Centre of the city of Bruges, Belgium to participate in a group show. For this show I'm planning to make a large scale sculpture installation whereby I will by using loads of pet bottles. I have asked many people to save their empty bottles for me. So far I have collected quite a few bottles, but I'll need lots and lot more for my art work. Upon surfing on the web I have found your website. So now I am wondering whether it would be possible for Artenius Pet Packaging Europe to sponsor my project with pet bottles. Maybe leftovers or faulty bottles ? The bottles I now use are water bottles, lemonade bottles or coke bottles. Any colour will do. It would be fantastic if Artenius could support my project ! Thank you for considering a possible sponsorship. Very much looking forward to your answer. Artist, Cultural Centre City of Bruges
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