Typical Enquiries

  • I am looking for a manufacturer of NatureFlex cellophane sleeves for heat sealed packaging of bakery products. I am a small start-up wholesale bakery of gluten free baked goods. Owner, Sweet Freedom Bakery
  • Are you able to supply 75cl sherry type green glass bottles, to take a screwcap. If yes, what would the price be, by the pallet load? Regards Company Sec, Vino Sacro Ltd
  • I'm working as winemaker for Katogi & Strofilia winery in Greece. I‚m looking for some information about PET wine bottles additional to those found on the web page, since I‚m interested in bottling wine in PET bottles. I would be grateful if you could provide me the following information How can we find APPE‚s bottles in Greece? Is APPE co-operating with any company in Greece? If not is there a minimum amount of bottles that we need to purchase straight from APPE? Is there a price catalogue? I note here that I‚m interested for 750 mL bottles. Finally what is the self-life of empty bottles? I would like to thank you in advance. Winemaker, Katogi & Strofilia
  • Do you manufacture recycle bottles I have an Organic hair care range. Thank you Owner
  • Focus 180 label converter 72 x 36 die 2 across 5 round 60t gear. Manager, Dls Ltd
  • Hello - I make eco candles and some shops are looking to sell my products. I would be looking for packaging but in small amounts - would love to see if there is way to solve my packaging needs. Owner, Bluebell Eco Candles
  • I require details and F.O.B. prices on various glass bottles for the packaging of various spirituous liquors i.e vodka, brandy etc. in 750 ml bottles. Managing Director, Boardwalk Trading 1035 cc
  • Hello, I am interested in your food and drink containers, especially plastic bottles that can contain dressings. I own a Japanese ONIGIRI shop, and we need bottles to sell dressings in. Particular bottle sizes around 300 ml in size. Thank you. Director, ONIGIRI ApS
  • We require plastic pallets. Kindly send me your specs & prices. Proprietor, Prompt Packways
  • I am looking for packaging for a cereal product and would like to discuss this with you to see what options you have. The company will be making a decision on the packaging in the next few weeks so I would be obliged if you could contact me as soon as possible to discuss. Food Consultant, Stable Diet
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