Typical Enquiries

  • Long term bio degradable replacement for Saran. Packing Manager, Lubborn Cheese
  • Pls give us an offer for 1. Quantity: 20.000 - 25.000 pcs. Print: no design yet, let us count SMYC+ 2 additional colors A rectangular tin with round angles for appr. 1.2-1.4 kg biscuits\chocolates ---> pls give prices for size appr. 235x180x65 + maybe you will advise other possible variants of rectangular tins with a nicely-shaped lid. 2. We need a fish-shaped tin, any size, maybe some existing shape than can be done as fish-tin. Do you have any variants to consider? Could you pls indicate the following: - thickness of tin - lead-time - in which PC program the design must be done Thank you in advance for your answer. Should you have any questions, pls contact me. Product Manager, J.s.c. Progress
  • Please make contact by e mail regarding slitting machine for compression closures. Director, Fontana Manufacturers
  • Dear Sir / Madam, I work for the Environmental Consultancy AEA Technology who run the Enviro wise programme. I have received an enquiry from a company producing natural pheromone products which alter the breeding habits of moths (effectively as an eco-friendly insecticide) but would like to find alternative ways of delivering these pheromones in each different client scenario (e.g. alternative, potentially biodegradable packaging for their agricultural clients, or just anything which isn‚t plastic for their other clients such as House of Commons and Museum archives etc) From what they were saying they basically have products which go outside (and therefore could be packaged in some kind of compostable packaging which would last the lifetime of the product, i.e. while it was delivering the pheromone, then compost into the ground???) and then products which go inside, even in a domestic situation, i.e. a wardrobe (in which case they wouldn‚t want it to compost, but maybe just made out of something recyclable?? I wondered if your packaging might be a viable option and if you could provide some quotes. At the moment I have no idea about quantities required. If you could get back to me today that would be great. Environmental Consultant, AEA Technology
  • I am very interested in your product - "Skuffguard". I would like to get a better understanding of the product itself and also information regarding it's availability. VP Business Development, Kent H. Landsberg Company
  • We have just planted are chillis for are chilli sauce we are aiming to go to some farmer markets and fair. We are looking to buy some bottles 100ml to 220ml. Could you please send us some pictures and prices. Your help would go a long way to get us started thank you. Baker, Chilli Northumberland
  • We required flexible die for the die cutting of adhesive thermal paper. size is 4 inch x 6 inch. Import Manager, Maxxam-V International
  • C pet tray for as a packaging for seafood for roasting or baked purpose. Director, Gala Makmur Sdn Bhd
  • Hi I am looking to purchase about 80/90 small 125ml kilner jars preferabley with an orange seal for our restaurant. I have seen a few samples from other companies but the glass is thinner than we would require. Would it be possible for you to send out a sample to the below address. Please call me if you need any further information on the mobile number given. Many thanks. Manager, The Alex Brasserie
  • I am looking for a source and pricing for a variety of plastic containers for a start up hair salon here in the US. They are interested in having a shampoo, conditioner, mask, and leave-in spray. The quantities are small, so i'll need to know if it is even possible to get packaging for such low amounts. All items would be 'white'. The following are the specifics: 8oz. Bottles for shampoo & conditioner = 2,000 pieces Disc caps for the 8oz. bottles or Pumps for the 8oz. bottles = 2,000 pieces 4oz. Jars (round base) = 1,000 pieces 4oz. Jars (square base) = 1,000 pieces Jar lids (flat or dome) = 1,000 pieces 2oz. bottle for 'leave-in spray' = 1,000 pieces Sprayer for 2oz. bottle = 1,000 pieces I am sourcing domestically, but thought i would try Europe as well. I look forward to your response. Thank you. Graphic Designer, Glazer Design
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