Typical Enquiries

  • I was wondering about small plastic balls that are biodegradable. I am looking for a biodegradable product in small form like 2-4 mm diameter for a possible invention. Please let me know if you can help. Preferably plastic, or at least not readily water absorbent. Also, I was wondering how much it would cost to buy in bulk as the volume required is 8-10 L to test. Also, imperfect shape is not an issue. I am located in nova scotia. Thank you for your assistance. Technician, Lab Tech
  • We have inquiry about Twisted Rope Marking Machine. If you have any machine like this than please give us some information about machine. Actually we want meter marking on Twisted Rope, material like Polypropylene, HDPE Mono filament etc. Marketing Manager, Mahesh Twisto Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  • We'd like all your faberge tin eggs for Easter sales of our chocolates. Director, Chocolate Apothecary
  • XXXXX is a major water bottling company in XXXXX. It has undergone major expansion during the last two years, and has introduced major markets in the Golf area, Africa, Australia and USA. We are now enquiring about a suppier for our PET preforms needs for the year 2011, being about 70 millions preforms (water neck 30-25) subdivided as follows: 1- 20 million preforms 16 grs for 0.5 lit bottles 2- 35 million preforms 33 grs for 1.5 lit bottles 3- 15 million preforms 39 grs for 2.0 lit bottles Kindly note that XXXXX had a previous relation with XXXXX which goes back to years 2007-2008 and that XXXXX is looking forward to a mutual prosperous relation with XXXXX for the years to come. Procurement Manager
  • I am looking for bio-polybags for women's intimate apparel packaging. The product is shipped from Indonesia to the USA. Do you make them and or know of a company that services Asia that does? President, Elila
  • Hi there, I was wondering if you will be able to help. I am looking for a normal/average size tin box for a 21st Birthday celebration. Either a square or round shape would be best, as I will be layering different cakes and delicate edibles on top of each other. This will be a one of piece, so I will only require one tin box, do you know how much this will cost and when would be the earliest that you could make & dispatch by? Also, I have illustrated my own imagery and text, so would you be able to print a Jpeg/Tiff file, onto the metal tin and emboss the writing? - If so how much would this cost? Thank you for your time. Independant, Freelance
  • I would like to have a quotation for a capping equipment. Production 450 cans/min. Strategic Buyer, Nestle
  • Request for press photo We have written an update for for the Danish packaging magazine InPak according PET bottles for beer inclusive mentioning APPA barrier coatning Therefore we ask you kindly to furnish us with a couple of adequate illustrations for possible use in that connection with deadline 4.3 Please notice that we need digital photo's in a high-resolution version ie. 118 pixels pr cm or 300 dots pr inch and based on TIF, Bitmap or JPG (2. priority: EPS, PSD or similar - are normally also acceptable) - and in maximum width/height. Files above 20 MB - please mail it to our ftp-server - contact us for further instructions. Editor, Techmedia
  • We would like to purchase recyclable or biodegradable yoghurt pots as we produce goats milk yoghurt Exploitant Agricole
  • I have efi software and having a proofing problem when I merge pantone with cmyk. I have a new epson 7900 does gmg handle this kind of problem and from where can I buy your software. a man called ibraheem visited me in israel and I do not know how to reach him does gmg has a client for mac users like the efi thanks. Owner, Polyflex
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