Typical Enquiries

  • I am due to fly out to Rio for the Olympics on Sunday 3rd July at 07.00 - from Manchester. In addition to my luggage, i have been asked to hand carry some heavy equipment. I have been advised that there will be a t least 2 boxes of equipment - i am trying to find out the weight and dimensions of these. In the meantime, please can you confirm if you still offer shrink wrapping services at Manchester Airport, and if so, what times do you operate within? Technical Project Coordinator , BBC
  • I work at Warner Bros. Pictures within the Product Placement Dept.; and am interested in some products your company represents for an up-coming feature film I am working on. I would like to speak with someone within your marketing or PR department in greater detail about this opportunity. Producer , Warner Bros.
  • We are looking to purchase 7 million barrels of crude oil per month and ship to Asia. All we need to start is the specifications of crude oil WTI. 2 year contract. Crude oil for making petrol. the company owns a refinery. Looking forward to your reply. Sales Director , Middle East Oil Refinery
  • We are the biggest Unsaturated Polyester Resins in Poland. We produce about 25 000 mt UPR/year. We have our own technology based on recycled PET flakes. We use PET flakes in our production (white and also blue and green). Next year we want to increase our production in that area and we are looking for new PET flakes suppliers. So far, we have bought PET only from our Polish suppliers,but now we are willing to buy also from foreign producers. Managing Director
  • Good morning, I am about to set up a new drinks business which is a dairy based cold-fill operation. Could you either email me or send me samples of 250ml or 330ml bottles that are currently available, the costs per bottle/container and the minimum order quantity. If there is more than one sample available then I appreciate it if I was able to see all the options that are available to me. NB. Bottles to be PET or RPET and obviously of food standard. Director
  • Stabburet is a company within FMCG and we have serveral No1 and No 2 brands in the Norwegian Food retail market as well as in the Food Service. Our product range goes from frozen Pizza, pates, fish spreads to ketchup, mustard, jams, soft drinks, juices and sweet spreads. Our core products have a volume of 5-11 million units per year, whilst new innovations start at approx 1 mill units. My interest in your company relates to a new project where we we consider a new salad dressing line in to PET. For this project we start at an annual volume of 1,6 mill bottles, but which could be extended over years if the launch is successful. I would like to come in contact with one of you to discuss a development project, if this case is of interest for you. We are looking for the best and right PET material to choose for our cremy dressing products. Purchaser and Developer of Food Packaging, Stabburet as
  • Do you supply 500ml PET for bottled water? Please be in touch we use 12 million bottles a year. Thanks Owner
  • Hello sir, I need a quote for punched out handle Bio-degradable plastic bag with the print on it. I require in colors rather than in white or transparent for quantities of 5000pcs, 10,000 pcs and 20,000 pcs. Sizes are Mentioned below height: 11", Width 9" height 19.3", Width 14.2" inches height 17.9", Width 16.9" inches Production Manager, Grass - Pure & Organic
  • Hi, I'm looking for a supplier of 750ml or 1 litre PET bottles suitable for storing homemade wine. Order quantity maybe 50 or so - can you supply in such a quantity, and if so, at what price? Chief Executive, LPS
  • Interested in PET reusable bottles to bottle mineralized water in Maldives. Finance Manger, Male' Water and Sewerage
  • Dear Sir, We are a established company of manufacturing, distributing and selling of mineralize bottled water in the Rep. of Maldives. And also we are in the process of expanding our business in the bottled water market and looking for a good and trustworthy suppliers to our company. Hence I would like to ask for product details & some quotations for following mentioned items. Preforms & Plastic Caps for Bottled neck Size 30/25mm, Pet preforms ˆ 16g, 17, & 18g (For 500ml Water Bottles) Pet preforms ˆ 28g, 30g, 31g, 32g, 33g, & 34g (For 1500ml Water Bottles) Plastic Closures ˆ Plain & Blue Color caps for 30/25mm bottle neck size Thanks. Supply & Logistic Officer, Island Beverages Maldives Pvt Ltd.
  • Dear Artenius Packaging Trying to obtain prices for drinks bottles. Size approx 425-450ml. Orange screw cap type or similar. Many thanks. Manager, Venelia Trading
  • Dear Sirs I would like to know, the possibility to buy same unloaders for applications in our system. We need a belt with 1,5 m Please send us your price. Director, Poliquina, lda.
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