• Airport International has always provided ExecuJet with a professional and reliable service. All employees that we have worked with have been helpful and friendly and have offered us an excellent service to optimise our online presence. Articles are posted onto the site almost immediately with a confirmation email sent for advice. Any new ideas are run by us for consideration which can be very useful for the company optimisation. Christy Fendell / Public Relation Coordinator , ExecuJet Aviation Group
  • We are very satisfied with the service Copybook Solutions Ltd provides for our online profile via Airport International. We not only remark immediate impacts in search engine rankings (Google) which is very much appreciated. Also the people are very supportive and friendly consulting us in how to establish and update our performance. Ricarda Westphal / Marketing and Communications , Bagport Group
  • The response of the Airport International staff has been so positive and helpful that I feel compelled to write and say thank you. The staff has exceeded our expectations attempting to get our message across in the most effective manner. They have made numerous spontaneous and relevant suggestions on how to improve our presentation. Thank you for your help. Peter McWha , Emulogix
  • We were very impressed with the sales staff of copybook solutions, and in our business relationship with them. They have been quick to respond with answers to questions and have always provided support when needed. I can only recommend the site of 'Airport International' to anyone, it is easy to navigate and full of valuable information Christoph Lindke / Manager Business Development , Skytanking Holding GmbH
  • Micro Nav Ltd have been represented on Airport International and Armed Forces International since late 2003. Our objectives are to increase awareness of our company and products world wide, particularly in the military sphere, and to raise our position in search engine results. Our articles are posted onto both websites on a monthly basis efficiently and without delay. These articles are subsequently sent out promptly through the Ezine. As a result of being placed on these websites Micro Nav Ltd have experienced an increase in enquiries and better results through website searches. Ms Silke Braham / Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator , Micro Nav Ltd
  • Our company have now been on the Airport International website since the spring of 2004 and so far it has exceeded our expectations. We have received a number of qualified leads and partner prospects with severe business opportunities, all of them through our participation on the Airport International website. It's an easy way to enhance the opportunities. Mr Nicklas Friberg / Director , C-ITS AB
  • We have been utilizing Armed Forces International for many years now and have been very satisfied with the additional keyword rankings it provides us with. We do not go to great lengths to publish new content regularly and therefore we believe Copybook provide us with a well priced service that gives us the web coverage we need, plus all the bells and whistles. Over the course of our online campaigns we are often approached by other organizations trying to sell us alternative products that basically attempt to provide a similar service, they simply do not compare, on price, on the quality of service and ultimately results. George M Fasal / PR & Marketing Manager , CM Computer
  • Armed Forces International provides us just with all the necessary and fruitful information about changes and relevant developments in the fields of Military Technology. We take advantage of having the opportunity to publish our latest solutions when it comes to information security and encryption. Marketing & PR , Crypto AG
  • We have utilized the Armed Forces International and Airport International web portals for a number of years and have always been impressed with the measurable success of the sites. These two sites consistently generate industry specific opportunities and contacts; most of which have lead to successful business relationships. Marketing Coordinator , Intelcan Technosystems Inc
  • TenCate Advanced Armour is very satisfied with the way armedforces-int.com work with their customers. It seems like they are always watching our profile. They are innovative and continuously improving the site and trying to get us to supply new material. We will absolutely keep our profile here for the future. Sarah Simonsen / TenCate Advanced Armour , Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator
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