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Security and access control products allow companies to protect their staff, data and assets against theft, damage or misuse. Browse Copybook's global network to find suppliers of products and services across all sectors and industries. Search for news, press releases, supplier profiles and industry events, or join our network to promote your company online. Our security categories include everything from perimeter protection to cyber security. Hardware solutions include video surveillance cameras, alarms, identification cards and biometric scanners. Software solutions range from alarm monitoring to video management and behavioural analysis, while cyber security products include data encryption services, document protection systems, firewalls and antivirus technology. more

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  • JOE


    Hui Qiao is the designer of JOESCO barriers. He had been to Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia for help the military built the military camp, checking point, watch tower, etc; so he get more experience in designing.

  • Joe Qiao


    people of designing JOESCO military barriers, and expert in military.

  • Thomas Habedank

    Advantech Europe B.V.

    Thomas is responsible for digital marketing at Advantech iRetail and Advantech iHealthcare in the Smart City Solutions division throughout Europe.

  • Monika Panteva

    Advantech Europe B.V.

    Monika supports Advantech online customers with all product sales inquiries related to Advantech Smart City Solutions throughout Europe. 

  • Christoph Kreis

    Dallmeier Electronic GmbH & Co.KG

    Christoph develops video surveillance solutions for airports worldwide. This includes the surveillance of extensive areas for Ground Control / ATC / ANSP / Remote Towers and for Security. Christoph has over 20 years of experience in international sal...

  • Kevin Kostiner

    The IoE Strategist

    Are you looking for guidance in understanding the Internet of Things, the impact it will have on your business and the most effective way to implement it into your organization? If you answered yes, then The IoT Strategist stands ready to help.

  • Lee Maher

    Kentec Electronics Ltd

    Lee is responsible for our Export Sales around the EMEA region. He has been working in sales for over 20 years, specialising in Building Services and Fire Systems integration for large Commercial and Industrial projects since 1999.

  • Wayne Marston

    Kentec Electronics Ltd

    Wayne heads up sales in the UK but focuses on the Northern regions of the UK. If you're in this area contact Wayne. Wayne has 35 years experience in the electrical industry, 28 of those specialising in Fire Systems from engineering to sales.

  • Peter Stelling

    Innovative Business Software A/S

    interVIEW is an integrated incident management system, which can receive alarms and signals from a wide range of systems and present them in one single solution. Do not hesitate to contact Peter to know how interVIEW can enhance your business.

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