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Construction suppliers providing scaffolding and scaffolding accessories such as clamps and couplings. Providing secure, sturdy, high quality connections for building site and construction work scaffolding. Browse through listed suppliers of clamps and couplings designed to provide high-quality, safe and sturdy connections for scaffolding used on construction sites and in building work. Scaffolding is a temporary means of access to enable users to reach places which would be otherwise difficult to get to by providing a stable platform usually at height. Scaffold can also be used for propping, shoring or supporting structures; all scaffolding needs to be constructed to a temporary works design whether this is generic or bespoke to prevent an uncontrolled collapse by taking into account the anticipated loadings including self-weight, imposed load and wind loads. The most widely used type of scaffolding is tube and fitting but this is closely followed by prefabricated system scaffolding which is modular and fits together without using loose components. Types of system scaffolding include: H-frame, ringlock, cuplock and kwikstage. Here you can find reliable Scaffolding contractors more

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