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Retail packaging is a huge market with thousands of suppliers in competition with each other. Packaging can vary from what a consumer sees on the shelf, to how wholesalers buy the products in bulk. Retail packaging has to adhere to special guidelines and regulations including branding, quality control, protection, and detailing correct information. To stand out against a busy market, companies have to grab consumer’s attention with eye-catching designs, images and patterns. Custom or bespoke made packaging solutions including variants of gift bags, shopping bags, cardboard shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard, packaging paper and packaging displays. Retail packaging can be complex and include many different methods and designs such as clamshell packaging, euro hangars, window boxes and many more. Packaging needs to be fit for purpose, strong and easy to handle and include protection for breakable objects such as bubble wrap or packaging foam. E-commerce retail packaging has now become readily available for consumers, who can now choose their items and have them packaged in a desired way along with customisation to personalise their packaging by choosing shape colour and adding a personal message. more

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