Nino Robertson

Nino Robertson

My name is Nino Robertson, I am 21 years old, born in Alicante, Spain. I spent three years in Glasgow studying journalism. I achieved an HND and have a passion for writing, especially in the field of sports. Having grown up confined to a wheelchair I believe that writing is the next best thing for me as it allows me to be involved in some way, in the things that I enjoy. I do not see my condition as a disability, throughout life I believe every situation has positives and I consider myself to be very lucky to have what I have despite being dealt a poor hand in Spain.

Latest Articles from Nino

  • Airbus Deal With Bombardier

    A EUROPEAN aerospace team, Airbus is set to take a majority stake in Bombardiers C-series jet project. Bombardier has previously faced a whole range of problems, most recently there was a trade dispute in the US which saw them impose a 300% import tariff.

  • Deadliest US Shooting - Las Vegas

    To date, 58 have been killed after the most deadly mass shooting took place in American history on Sunday evening. The attack took place at an open air country music festival in Las Vegas.

  • DNA Chemical Embryo Breakthrough

    In a world-first exclusive breakthrough, Chinese researchers having said that it is now possible to perform "precise chemical surgery" on human embryos which will potentially allow surgeons to remove diseases.

  • Sick Leave Up 22%

    According to statistics in the last five years, the number of people working within the NHS, who have had to go on sick leave, due to issues with their own mental health has risen by a worrying 22%.

  • Uber Licence Denied

    Transport for London (TFL) bosses have stated earlier today that they will controversially not be allowing taxi service Uber to renew their private hire licence.

  • Lawsuit Filed Against Google

    THREE women who used to work for the technology giant, Google, have now filed lawsuits against the company after they alleged that it pays men more money than women, for work that is similar.

  • Routine Checks Needed

    Leaders within the NHS have urged for routine health checks to be carried out in shops and various sporting venues, in order to diagnose people who might be at risk of strokes or heart attacks.

  • Tinder Gold

    Tinder has introduced a new paid feature which will allow users to see who "liked" them first.

  • Canakinumab Drug in Trials for Strokes & Heart Attacks

    A study of as many as 10,000 people worldwide could suggest that administering anti-inflammatory drugs could dramatically decrease the risks of suffering strokes and heart attacks.

  • 888 Fine

    Online gambling company 888 has been ordered to pay a record fine of almost eight million pounds after it was decided that they had failed to protect the best interests of their most vulnerable customers.

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