Andy Fields

Andy Fields

Born in Norfolk in the early 1960s, Andy had a fabulous upbringing in rural Britain. From early childhood he was fascinated by magic and soon became an accomplished magician. Andy's other hobbies include, photography, birdwatching and poker. In 1989 Andy moved to London with his wife where he worked for various publishing companies. Being rather dismayed with their integrity, Andy founded Copybook in October 1997. Now Andy lives in Las Vegas with his wife and daughter and their dog named Poppy. Andy also has three other children who he extremely proud of - Sam, Elke and Alexandra.

Latest Articles from Andy

  • Food Packaging Safety Research

    Research from the Université Paris-Saclay has found that food packaging rules may be oversimplified, allowing aqueous food products to become contaminated with potentially dangerous substances.

  • Deutsche Telekom presents Magenta drone shield

    The popularity of drones is on the rise worldwide. They are easy to steer and can take off from virtually anywhere, but this new technology comes at the risk of being abused. Pilots can take advantage of the fact that drones are small, quiet and difficult to detect.

  • Jonathan Truss Paints 'Tusker's Last Stand'

    Last year it is estimated that more than 30,000 elephants were poached illegally, with one killed every 15 minutes. Jonathan Truss is a world-renowned wildlife artist who is desperately concerned about the plight of elephants. Often the subject of his paintings, he has embarked on this world first – to paint a life-size Big Tusker elephant charging towards the viewer head on!

  • Counter UAV Jammer Blocks GNSS and Remote Control

    The HP 47 counter UAV jammer can target an unmanned aerial vehicle to block remote control signals and optionally, disrupt GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems).

  • Microbeads - Harming Marine Life and Entering the Food Chain

    Microbeads are plastic particles smaller than 5mm. They are used in cosmetics, including toothpaste, to add body and provide abrasion. Manufacturers use them because the beads can be manufactured to uniform degrees of size and hardness.

  • Researchers Bypass Modern Face Authentication Systems

    Rsearchers demonstrate method for fooling face authentication systems using virtual models from Facebook and other public photos. 3D models can be made to smile, blink and perform other actions to bypass "liveness" detection.

  • Time to take plastics recycling to greater heights?

    Stuart Foster, RECOUP, CEO, has expressed concern that the activities and actions (or lack of them) in 2016 will potentially shape the next decade or more for the UK plastic recycling opportunity.

  • Industry Study Touts Environmental Benefits of Plastic

    Study finds that the environmental cost of plastic is lower than that of alternative packaging materials after manufacturing, transport and disposal costs are taken into account.

  • INDOPLAS, INDOPACK and INDOPRINT 2016 open next month

    From 7 to 10 September at Jakarta International Expo, INDOPLAS, INDOPACK and INDOPRINT 2016 will feature new technology, innovative equipment and solutions across all three sectors.

  • Complaints about Tesco packaging forces them to take action

    Tesco has removed the Saltire from packaging on its Scottish-grown fruit following complaints from English customers. The supermarket giant featured a prominent St Andrew's cross on a range of produce from Scotland sold throughout the UK.

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