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Meet the Copybook team of national and international reporters; providing you with the latest news and key events affecting our range of industry sectors. If you think you have an interesting story we should hear about, please contact us and we will review it for publishing.

Copybook Reporters

  • Andy Fields

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    Andy is passionate about his family, business and fairness for all. He is the managing director of the Copybook Group but occasionally wishes to inform the world of his opinions, particularly those that effect us as a whole.

  • Nino Robertson

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    Nino Robertson grew up in Alicante, Spain, studied Journalism in Glasgow, has a passion for writing and achieved an HND. Despite growing up in a wheelchair, he sees positives in everything, and views writing as a chance to be involved in things he enjoys.

  • Charley Wheeler

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    Charley is working at Copybook within the Production and Marketing team, but has a passion for media and journalism. Born in Wiltshire, she currently lives and works in Exeter, Devon. Having graduated from Plymouth, she has since built up her experience within the Digital Marketing area, focusing on Social Media, newsletter and analytic work. 

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