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Pharmaceutical trade shows, also called expos or trade fairs, are events that provide product showcasing, advertising and procurement opportunities for industry professionals. Trade shows are frequently held in combination with congresses and forums, and commonly feature a programme of training seminars together with press coverage and networking opportunities. The following organisations are experienced in the organisation, management and supply of trade shows for the pharmaceutical sector. Networking is an essential activity in all major industries, allowing professionals to connect with suppliers, collaborators and potential clients. An effective network of contacts can help companies stay informed about the latest developments in their specific industry sectors, to source high quality materials, equipment and support services, to identify potential distributors and to form lasting business relationships with customers. Browse our directory of approved organisations offering a variety of networking opportunities, consultancy services, events, and training programmes. These include pharmaceutical conferences, professional events, seminars, and webcasts, allowing you to network with other members of the pharmaceutical industry, demonstrate your work, and pursue potential sponsorship opportunities more

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