London Gatwick, which AIrHelp ranked as one of the worst airports of all

Worst And Best Airports Ranked

posted by Paul Fiddian | 16.06.2017

How Did Gatwick, Heathrow And Manchester Fare?

Air travel legal aid firm AirHelp ranks 76 of the world's major airports, looking at their Quality of Service, On-Time Performance and Passenger Sentiment

Kuwait International, Gatwick and Manchester airports are the worst three in the world, according to newly-published data.

These rankings and 73 more make up the contents of air travel legal aid firm AirHelp’s new global airports assessment.

AirHelp’s hotly-anticipated Airport Worldwide Rankings 2017 report was released in mid-June. Compiled from several sources including Skytrax and Twitter, it lists 76 airports in terms of how they measured up to three criteria: Quality of Service, On-Time Performance and Passenger Sentiment. All three categories reflect how, in AirHelp’s words, ‘Air travel is about more than just the price of the ticket.’

The Quality of Service rating, according to AirHelp, ‘factors in hundreds of metrics and details to give us a measure of an airport’s quality of service, from terminal comfort to passenger facilities to check-in and security.’ On-Time Performance is based on the timeliness of the preceding season’s departure levels and Passenger Sentiment considers all aspects of a passenger’s journey, from airport entrance to aircraft entrance.

Singapore Changi Airport

World’s Top Airport

Averaging 9.07 across the Quality of Service (where it scored 10), On-Time Performance (8.8) and Passenger Sentiment (6.1) sections, Singapore Changi was judged the world’s top airport.

Next came Munich International Airport, with 8.66, followed by Hong Kong International (8.42), Copenhagen Kastrup (8.04) and Helsinki-Vantaa (8.03). These top five results made it virtually a clean sweep for Asian and Northern European airports. Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International, in sixth position, was the highest-placed North American airport and London Heathrow, coming in twentieth, beat all other UK airports.

At the other end of the spectrum, no airport scored lower than Kuwait, which averaged 5.02. London Gatwick, the second-worst, managed 5.38 and Manchester (5.43), Newark Liberty (5.92) and Stansted (6.07) rounded out the bottom five.

UK Airport Improvements

Why did so many UK airports end up in these low positions? According to the Airport Worldwide Rankings 2017’s compilers, because of their archaic facilities, long transits needed between check-in areas and boarding gates and the lengthy queues often experienced. The recent series of French air traffic control strikes haven’t helped matters either, they added.

"This research should give airlines and airports, particularly in the UK, a nudge to improve their quality and punctuality urgently”, AirHelp’s UK manager, Marius Fermi, comments in a statement International Business Times quotes.

UK Airport investment totalling £10bn is planned between now and 2022, an Airport Operators Association spokesperson replies. "We are working with airlines and air navigation service providers to ensure there is a government policy framework to modernise our heavily congested airspace to improve journey times and reduce delays”, he/she explains.


  • Phillip Fine Phillip Fine | 20.06.2017

    I wonder what the folks at Manchester are saying.

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  • Jasenka Rapajic Jasenka Rapajic | 21.06.2017

    Take AirHelp's and Skytrax's ranking with caution because Quality of Service and Passenger Sentiment are based on the subjective survey inputs ( and on On-Time Performance reports that are not reliable. Damaging airport (and airline) reputation in this way doesn't seem right. Here is why: (

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