Packing Red Tape Slashed

Unnecessary Red Tape Slashed from Packing Industry

posted by Kevin Kostiner | 09.08.2012

Unnecessary Red Tape Slashed from Packing Industry

The Minister of State for Energy has announced that 86 regulations are to be scrapped in an attempt to reduce unnecessary red tape from the packing industry and the pressure it puts on manufacturing.

Charles Hendy, Minister of State for Energy has announced the scrapping of 86 regulations and 48 improved regulatory regimes, in an attempt to reduce unnecessary red tapes on the packing industry.

The Department of Energy and Climate (DECC) has put together a reform package that is estimated to generate £400 million ($62 million) within the manufacturing industry over the next twenty years.

The 86, scrapped, regulations are based around energy legislation and in particular the electricity market.

Packing Red Tape Slashed

However, the government's green policies have long been criticised by the manufacturing and packaging and in particular, the paper industry. They have urged the government to re-consider the way its green legislation has been drawn up because many of the regulations were deemed as unnecessary and in-coherent.

One of the main remedies is the revision of the European Emissions Trading Scheme and the Carbon Reduction Commitment regime.

The reforms come in light of a recent survey that was published by EEF called Managing Green and Growth, which held that an administrative burden has been placed on the manufacturing and the packaging industry. As a result of this the growth of this sector is being stunted because manufacturers are unable to reach their ambitions.

A number of the green polices that were in place have been accused of being unnecessary because they have been deemed as not being constructive or actually helping the country reach it's green targets.

David Porter, Chief executive of Energy UK has commented:

"We commend the DECC for removing redundant legislation and for modifying a number of overly complex regulations.
Ofgem have also set out how they intend to reduce regulatory burdens in their simplification plan. They plan has also taken Red Tape Challenges suggestions into account.

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