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Union Jack M&M’s Packs Mark Jubilee

posted by Paul Fiddian | 10.05.2012

Union Jack M&M’s Packs Mark Jubilee

Mars unveils patriotic new M&M's design that pays homage both to the firm's own UK manufacturing heritage and this year's Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Mars Chocolate has unveiled a patriotic new M&M's design that pays homage both to the firm's own UK manufacturing heritage and this year's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Showcasing how, for the past 80 years, Mars has been making comestible products in the UK, the tricolour Union Jack pack theme also extends to the M&M's themselves: only red, white and blue sweets are included.

These packs will be limited-edition and only out there on the shelves for a two-month period, beginning on 20 May and encompassing the official Diamond Jubilee weekend at the start of June.

Union Jack M&M's

In a press release issued to announce this Union Jack M&M's packaging's launch, Mars encourages retails to obtain and strategically deploy point of sale display units, to maximise the sales opportunities likely generated in a year where British patriotism's set to surge.

A three-coloured peanut montage, the packaging also, according to Mars, ‘comes with a tempting price point providing extra value for consumers and opportunities for retailers to drive extra sales.'

M&M's first appeared in the US in the early 1940s but, over 70 years later, are available to buy in an estimated 100 countries. A new nation, Macau, is set to join this list at the end of May, when the candy-shelled chocolates are launched there. The Diamond Jubilee marks Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years on the throne and, although events are taking place at various stages this year, many will occur between 3-6 June.

Jubilee M&M's Packs

"Limited Edition launches associated with topical events continue to encourage consumer spend across the nation", Mars Chocolate's Trade Communications Manager, Bep Dhaliwal, explains in the Jubilee M&M's packs' release. "These Union Jack packs will appeal to consumers looking forward to a summer of British celebrations. They also highlight our 80-year heritage of manufacturing chocolate in the UK.

"The fun associated with the M&M's characters is sure to drive consumer purchasing, so why not get creative in store with themed British areas to celebrate this very special summer."

Image copyright Mars Chocolate: reproduced with grateful thanks

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