Fanta Thermal Ink Labeling

Thermal Ink Labeling for Fanta Australia

posted by Kevin Kostiner | 27.02.2013

Thermal Ink Labeling for Fanta Australia

Fanta bottles in Australia are sporting a brand new type of thermal ink labelling, which reveals a secret message when warmed. The ink is thermochromic, so will also change colour with alterations in temperatures

Soft drinks brand Fanta planned to bring some extra fun to an Australian summer.

With a little help from specialized ink firm Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), Fanta Australia launched a summertime promotion to help customers win valuable prizes.

During November and December 2012, the packaging contained an invitation challenging consumers to perform an activity they have dubbed "Funstigator" tasks. This is anything from pretending to be a ninja, doing the robot, or high-fiving someone who wears orange.

Fanta Thermal Ink Label

But this isn't the crux of it - the ink on the specially marked bottles is thermochromic, which means it changes colour when heated or cooled. The Fanta Unbottle the Fun campaign used differing activation temperatures for the ink depending on whether they were being sold on the shelf or in the refrigerator section. When the beverage is retrieved from 8c fridge, the message was disguised behind the fully coloured inks until it reached room temperature, while the bottles sold at room temperature would be fully coloured at 29c and were dependent on the consumers' hands to warm up the label and unveil the message.

Setting specific temperatures for both retail environments gave every Fanta fan the opportunity to take part in the promotion, regardless of how they purchased the product.

A Funstigator gaming application was available from the Fanta Australia Facebook page and also as a smartphone app, which could be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Via the Funstigator app, consumers could step up the challenges or send them to their friends, all the while generating points and being eligible for various prizes.

The campaign was supported across digital media, mobile, cinema and the marked Fanta bottles themselves.

Flavours Marketing Manager Delia Maloney from Coca-Cola South Pacific explained that the brand was about increasing the fun in people's lives.

"We were excited that innovation of thermal inks allowed us to put our packs at the heart of our ‘Unbottle the Fun' campaign this summer. From fridge or ambient, the thermal inks revealed different 
‘Funstigator' challenges that invited our teen audience to add a little fun to their day-to-day," she said.

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