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T-90S Modernised Main Battle Tank Debuts

posted by Paul Fiddian | 02.04.2012

The DefExpo 2012 arms fair event in New Delhi, India - held between 29 March and 1 April - showcased a new upgraded Russian tank design

The DefExpo 2012 arms fair event in New Delhi, India - held between 29 March and 1 April - showcased a new upgraded Russian tank design.

Making its international debut, the T-90S Modernised MBT (Main Battle Tank) was exhibited by JSC Research and Production Corporation Uralvagonavod.

Compared to the previous T-90S, the Modernised variant reportedly offers several improvements including augmented levels of protection for personnel on the inside, a better fire control system and more in the way of engine power.

T-90S Modernised

The T-90S Modernised design's protection, firepower and mobility developments follow reports, given by military personnel familiar with the T-90S, of the original design's limitations and risk factors.

In particular, the original T-90S' layout has the tank's ammunition storage bay located near to the cabin which, in the event of a direct strike, puts crew members at severe risk. Now, a thick protective shell sits between the two and there's also an updated gun turret with a greater precision strike capability, which houses a 7.62mm machine gun.

Supplementing these changes are attachments allowing extra armour to be added to the tank according to specific operational requirements. These attachments are located at various points around the T-90s' chassis and supplement the array of slat armour now fitted to the filter and exhaust systems.

Modernised Main Battle Tank

In comments made prior to DefExpo 2012, Viktor Komardin - representing Russian export firm Rosoboronexport - referred to the T-90S Modernised Main Battle Tank as the "gem of the show."

He added: "The Indian Army already operates the T-90, so its modernised variant - which, by the way is an absolutely new machine - will be of great potential interest to the Indians."

The Indian Army is presently the T-90S MBT's main foreign operator, with approximately 450 examples in service and an additional 300 on order. The T-90S also serves with Cyprus, Venezuela and Azerbaijan and the latest customer is Algeria, which acquired 120 examples at the start of 2012.

DefExpo 2012 was the seventh Land, Naval and Internal Security Systems Exhibition to have been held. Besides the T-90S Modernised MBT's debut, the event also saw new information emerge on planned future Indian and Russian Amur submarines.

Image copyright Cell105 - Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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