This is the second year running for the Skittles black and white LGBT campaign

Special Product Packaging Marks LGBT Pride Month

posted by Paul Fiddian | 15.06.2017

Skittles, Smirnoff And Absolute All Support Flagship Event

Skittles, Smirnoff and Absolut Vodka have all launched limited edition packaging directives in connection with June 2017's Pride events

Some of the food and drink industry’s best-known brands have launched new packaging specially for this month’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Pride events.

Firstly, Skittles – well-known for its ‘Taste the Rainbow’ slogan. Right now, you’ll still be able to taste it but might not be able to see it. That’s because, for this month, the super-sweet little treats have gone black and white, as have their packaging. Lemon, lime, grape, strawberry or orange? You won’t know which of Skittles’ five flavours you’re getting, adding a new exciting twist to eating them.

What’s more, says Skittles owner Wrigley, a proportion of every black and white Skittles sale is going to charity. But why have traditionally rainbow-themed sweets not kept their colours, this month especially? In the brand’s own words, ‘During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So, we've given up ours, to show our support’.

Pride Flag

Pride Month Skittles

It’s only at UK Tesco stores that, at present, the Pride Month Skittles packs can be found.

“The response to our #onerainbow (or Give The Rainbow) campaign at Pride in London 2016 was incredibly positive, so we were keen to get involved again”, explains Wrigley UK’s marketing director, Julio Guijarro. “Our activity last year resulted in requests from across the world for colourless Skittles packs, so we’re really excited to team up with Tesco UK to launch the limited edition ‘rainbowless’ packs to show our support again for Pride and celebrate diversity and inclusion”, he adds.

LGBT Support Packaging

Skittles isn’t the only brand to have introduced limited edition LGBT support packaging: so, too, have two of the best-known vodkas.

Smirnoff’s No.21 vodka is currently being sold in ‘Love Wins’ bottles. These are strictly limited-edition and – with each featuring a real couple’s photo as part of the design - no two are the same. Each Smirnoff Love Wins bottle creation sees HRC – the Human Right Campaign – receive $1.

“It’s always inspiring when brands take action to encourage positive change, especially at a time when we are working harder than ever to push back against anti-equality forces", comments HRC Corporate Development Associate Director, Adam Marquez. "The ‘Love Wins’ bottles are showing the country that love truly conquers hate - and that we celebrate you, no matter who you are or who you love.”

Then, there’s Absolut Vodka’s ‘mixed-up’ rainbow flag bottle: another new limited-edition LGBT creation. The design’s what Pernod Ricard UK calls ‘Absolut Mix’ and it consists of the six pride colours as individual shapes that are nonetheless still linked. This, explains marketing head Adam Boita, stands for “the unique connections that can be created when various individuals mix together.”

LGBT Pride Month is an annual celebration held every June. That month was chosen to remember the pivotal Stonewall riots that took place in June 1969.

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