Personalised Coke Bottles

Share A Coke: Personalised Coca-Cola Bottles

posted by Paul Fiddian | 01.05.2013

Share A Coke: Personalised Coca-Cola Bottles

100 million personalised Share A Coke bottles to be distributed in the UK, with one of the 150 most popular men's and women's names in place of the standard branding

Coca-Cola is launching a massive, packaging-led promotional campaign with 100 million bottles' standard branding replaced by men's and women's names.

The 'Share A Coke' campaign involves 375ml and 500ml Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero bottles which now display one of the 150 most popular names in the UK. Also included in the revised labelling is the #ShareACoke hashtag, added in order to encourage Coca-Cola consumers to tell friends about these personalised bottles by means of social media.

While the range of Share a Coke bottle names is limited to 150 names, other names can be added to virtual cans through the Share A Coke app on Facebook or the Share A Coke UK website

Personalised Coke Bottles

"This is the first time in our long history that we've ever replaced the iconic "Coca-Cola" script on pack and who better to celebrate with than the people who love our brands the most - our consumers", Coca-Cola Enterprises' operational marketing director, Caroline Cater, explained in a statement on the personalised Coke bottles' launch.

She continued: "We're issuing the invite for people to connect and as part of that we want the public to have fun finding the names of their friends and loved ones on our products, and taking the time to Share A Coke with them.

Share A Coke

Allied to the Share A Coke bottles' roll-out is a linked marketing campaign, which begins this month. Included is a Share A Coke TV advertisement, which focuses on young peoples' heroes and inspirations and, according to Coca-Cola, in financial terms, the campaign exceeds that related to the 2012 London Olympics.

"The ‘Share A Coke' campaign will capture the nation's imagination this summer and will help drive volume and value growth for retailers", Cater added. "We would urge them to stock up now and ensure that Coca-Cola's portfolio is prominent within their stores to take full advantage of this sales opportunity."

Other recent Coca-Cola innovations covered by Packaging International include its "pocket-sized" PlantBottles, launched in Spring 2012: the firm's first all-new bottles to have emerged in almost 20 years.

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