San Antonio Airport Bomb Threat

San Antonio Airport Reopens After Bomb Threat

posted by Kevin Kostiner | 02.08.2012

San Antonio Airport has reopened after a bomb scare caused it to closed. A thorough search of the location has turned up no evidence of an explosive device

San Antonio Airport has now reopened, after an alleged bomb threat caused it to shut. The premises in Texas have now been searched, and no suspicious devices were found.

The bomb threat was made by phone at 14:00 local time (19:00 GMT), and caused three diverted flights, one cancellation and 28 delays. By 14:35, the "credible" threat caused the nearly 2,000 passengers to be evacuated onto the runways and into nearby high school buildings.

"It was called in specifically to our airport," airport spokesman Rich Johnson explained. "There were specific locations as well as specific numbers that were given to the people who answered the phone."

San Antonio Airport

During the closure, local news stations reported that trained dog sniffers used in bomb procedures raised alarm over three vehicles in the car park 'reacted as if there could possibly be explosives', but these have since been cleared by officials.

Deborah Foster from the Antonio Fire Department said, "The K-9s (initially) had hits in the garage. But they have not found any devices. Sometimes they get false positives."

Within an hour of the evacuation, the threat was deemed a hoax, and by 5pm that evening, the airport was announced safe.

San Antonio Airport processes 14,000 to 15,000 passengers, on 260 domestic and international flights. Passengers included Chicago hotel marketing representative Kristen Reeves, who was heading home when the incident occurred.

San Antonio Bomb Scare

"They took us outside, and we were out in the sun for a while," she said. "I was standing in the security line and I heard the security personnel say, ‚ÄėLockdown!' really loud."

Scott Holcomb, 34 from Tulsa, Oklahoma said that the evacuation was well organised, and that passengers were provided with water.

"This is just one more of the big inconveniences of travel." The airport warned of heavy traffic around the airport on its twitter page after the premises' reopening. Passengers flying from or to San Antonio should check with their airlines for flight statuses.

The incident occurred only weeks after a telephone bomb threat closed the Ambassador Bridge, a busy international border linking the US and Canada, and previously the Detroit Windsor Tunnel.

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