Russian Tank

Russia's New Main Battle Tank - T95

posted by Paul Fiddian | 30.03.2010

The Russian T-95 Main Battle Tank could be unveiled to the world in coming months, according to a company representative. Armed Forces Int. reports...

A new hi-tech Russian battle tank could be unveiled to the world in coming months, according to the company poised to piece it together.

The T-95 MBT (Main Battle Tank) will potentially have capabilities beyond those of the current, in-service T-90 tank, which has been produced by Russian machine manufacturer Uralvagonzavod since the mid-1990s. The same company has now told national media agency RIA Novosti that, theoretically, the T-95 could be exhibited for the first time at the Russian Expo Arms 2010 event, which takes place in the summer. That’s if the Russian military approves its go-ahead.

New Russian Tank

Should approval be forthcoming for this new Russian tank, Russia will be the first nation to have built and unveiled a fifth-generation MBT.

“The work on the project has been conducted for many years”, Uralvagonzavod’s general director – Oleg Siyenko – advised the news agency, within the context of an exclusive interview. “If the government gives us a 'green light' we will exhibit the tank at the arms show in Nizhny Tagil this summer.”

T-95 Main Battle Tank

In terms of the T-95 Main Battle Tank’s capabilities, Siyenko added: “I cannot disclose the characteristics of the tank, but I can assure you that we have met all the requirements put forward by the military.”

According to some sources, the T-95’s firepower, armour, electronics and ease of handling will surpass those of the T-90 MBT, and of tanks produced by other nations. It is expected to weigh approximately 55 tons and be able to attain a top speed of around 65 kilometres per hour. It is also possible that the T-95 will be armed with a precision firing device that can launch guided missiles at targets up to seven kilometres away.

It should be noted that this information is speculative, and full details on this new tank remain unconfirmed at this stage.

In the meantime, Russia will continue to use the T-90 MBT until the mid-2020s, according to comments made by military officials. It is understood that – as of 2009 – the Russian Army had approximately 400 T-90 MBTs in service and – away from Russia – the type has also enjoyed some degree of export success, having been sold both to Algeria and India.

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