Heat And Eat is a new concept in home-snacking

Revolutionary Heat-Up Crisps In Hi-Tech Packaging Launched

posted by Paul Fiddian | 13.09.2017

New Microwaveable Snack Concept Debuts

‘Heat and Eat’, from Fairfields Farm, is a unique new type of snack that produces fresh-fried-tasting hot crisps in just 30 seconds.

A game-changing hot snack concept featuring specialised, microwaveable packaging has been market-launched.

‘Heat and Eat’, from prominent artisan snack manufacturer Fairfields Farm, is unique. Just half-a-minute’s heating produces ‘the most delicious hot crisps ever’, according to its developers: a true ‘fresh-fried’ experience.

Ideal for house parties, family movie time, date nights and all manner of other occasions, Heat and Eat takes home-snacking into a new dimension.

Microwavable Crisps

Heat And Eat Crisps

The microwavable crisps have been introduced in two flavours: Sea-Salted and Cheese & Chive. Both come with a dip – Tomato Salsa and Caramelised Onion – and weigh a combined 175 grams: 125g for the crisps and 50g for the dips.

Fairfields Farm claims there’s no tastier hot snack out there right now, nor one that’s more user-friendly. The actual Heat and Eat process is extremely straightforward. Consumers first need to open the product, ensuring they use its special strip to do so. They then remove the dip, stand the packet up in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds: that’s literally it.

Heat And Eat Packaging

Heat and Eat’s special packaging – a patented design - is a bag robust enough to withstand microwave heat and stay upright throughout the process. ‘A laser-scored, easy-tear opening system’, Fairfields Farm explains, ‘allows consumers to cleanly open the bag from top to bottom, meaning that the pack can be merchandised in the portrait position, but heated and stood horizontally to be easily shared.’

Heat And Eat Pack

The Heat and Eat packaging also has a high-tech edge: scanning it anywhere takes consumers to a dedicated portal featuring video footage and various hints and tips. This aspect has been brought to life thanks to Fairfields’ collaboration with mobile app Shazam.

Launched on 11 September across supermarket Tesco’s UK stores, Heat and Eat is priced at £2.49 per bag.

“The hand-cooked snack market is now quite mature, with innovation centring around flavours, rather than concepts”, Fairfields Farm founder Robert Strathern explains. “That's why Heat & Eat is so exciting. It's been a long process, but a very exciting one and we're convinced we've come up with something that's not only unique, but that also creates a whole new snacking occasion and talking point.”

Images copyright/courtesy Fairfields Farm. Reproduced with grateful thanks

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