Hawaiian took top honours among US airlines

OAG's On-Time Performance Winners Revealed

posted by Paul Fiddian | 19.10.2017

Airlines And Airports Ranked On Punctuality

Top honours for Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Salt Lake City Airport in the latest of OAG's On-Time Performance Star Ratings releases.

Air travel intelligence firm OAG’s latest airport and airline rankings are out and, among US carriers, it’s Hawaiian and Delta that fare best. Among continental US airports, Salt Lake City leads the way.

OAG’s On-Time Performance (OTP) Star Ratings are released twice yearly. A global air travel punctuality review, the system ‘recognizes exceptional OTP across all airports and airlines regardless of size, geographic location or aviation peer group’, OAG officials explain.

Top performers – those placed in the upper 10 per cent – are five star-rated. Lower star ratings are applied to the rest of the field, right down to the one-star-hitters.

Delta OTP

OTP Star Ratings

The most up-to-date OTP Star Ratings cover the period October 2016-to-September 2017. For an airport or airline’s performance to be considered ‘on-time’ in this context, it must be running within 15 minutes of schedule. That was something Hawaiian Airlines managed to achieve 87.7 per cent of the time, over the past 12 months.

Hawaiian was thus awarded five stars, making it unique among US airlines. To Delta Air Lines went four-stars, which is still very commendable. Not only, OAG writes, did Delta outperform its ‘mainland competition‘ (Southwest got 78.9 per cent OTP – American and United got 78.8 and 78.5, respectively) but also the likes of Sun Country Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Salt Lake City OTP

Airport OTPs

Salt Lake City’s winning airport OTP score was 85.2 per cent. Below it came Minneapolis St Paul, that demonstrated 85.1 per cent punctuality, then Detroit Metropolitan (83.1 per cent), Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International (82.9 per cent) and Charlotte Douglas International (82.2 per cent). These four were all four star-rated, while Salt Lake City made it into the elite five-star bracket.

“Today’s travelers are evaluating their air travel options through a variety of considerations, and punctuality is increasingly becoming a deciding factor”, comments OAG senior analyst, John Grant. “On-time performance is viewed as an indicator to judge the quality of an airline or airport. As a result, many airlines and airports continue to track this critical metric and invest to optimize operations and improve their performance.”

Hawaiian Airlines tail image copyright Dylan Ashe – courtesy Wikimedia Commons. Used as per Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license


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