Norwegian Army CV90 AV Upgrades

Norwegian Army CV90 AV Upgrades

posted by Kevin Kostiner | 21.06.2012

BAE Systems are to deliver the next generation of CV90 Armored Vehicles for the Norwegian Army

The Norwegian Army's CV90 armored vehicles are to receive an upgrade. Defence and Aerospace firm BAE Systems will lead on the £500 million project that will see the trusted CV90 AV bought up to modern military standards.

In one of the largest investments ever made by the Norwegian army's history, 15 AVs for command, 16 engineering and 74 infantry models will be prepared for a variety of combat scenarios.

BAE Systems' Tommy Gustafasson-Rask acknowledged the trust that the Norwegian Army place in the CV90 AV and outlined BAE's comittment to delivering the next generation vehicle.

Norwegian CV90 AV Upgrades

"We continue to invest in the CV90 system and develop the vehicle to keep it at the forefront of technology and, in particular, to incorporate improvements in protection and digitisation so that it remains the world's most advanced vehicle of its kind."

CV90 Norwegian Army Armored Vehicle

The CV90 is equipped with a 40mm Bofors Autocannon, which has been a longstanding signature primary weapon since WW2. Depending on the vehicle model, the CV90 AV also sports a 30mm Bushmaster Cannon or a 35mm/ 50 version. It also benefits from 7.62mm Browning machine gun, which can act as an anti-aircraft weapon.

With good stopping power and a top speed of 70 km/h it is the Norwegian Army's AV of choice for a diverse range of missions. The vehicle has seen action in Afghanistan, responding to Taliban attacks in the Ghowrmach region and successfully repelled enemy forces. More recently, the unit was deployed in Liberia and the Danish Army have also used the vehicle in Afghanistan to support troops in Helmand Province.

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