New York Airports Reopen

New York Airports Reopen After Super-Storm

posted by Paul Fiddian | 01.11.2012

New York's key airports including JFK and Newark are all now starting to resume operations after closing down on account of Super-storm Sandy

New York's key airports are all now starting to resume operations after closing down on account of Super-storm Sandy.

Over 19,000 flight cancellations were imposed as the super-storm approached and moved across the Eastern US coastline but, now, normality's on its way back.

While LaGuardia Airport is expected to reopen in coming hours, John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport have both now started to launch outbound flights and receive incoming services.

New York Airports Reopen

With New York's airports reopened, 180 JFK Airport flights should operate today, 10 more than at Newark Liberty. LaGuardia Airport isn't quite in such a position but should swing back into action in hours ahead.

"There are a lot of contingencies before we can re-open at LaGuardia", said Southwest Airlines representative Paul Flaningan. "It's still barricaded at the front entrance, which makes drop-offs from taxis and buses difficult."

"There is some damage to our offices and facilities", added American Airlines' Andrea Huguely. "It's not pretty, but we can operate. Our employees are cleaning up for our customers."

Sandy: US Airports

After the impact of Sandy on US airport operations, US Port Authority is still advising US airport travellers to check, before they leave their homes, that their flight's still going ahead. It's also warning that, especially at JFK, not all food and shopping facilities are open right now, so appropriate contingency plans should be made.

US airport flight cancellations today are set to reach 525, according to FlightStats. That's a considerable number but well below the 2,890 flight cancellations recorded on the last day of October.

Other elements of the New York transport network, meanwhile, remain out of operation. The Port Authority's maritime facilities are still shut and, so too, the AirTrain service into JFK Airport, although AirTrain Newark is back up and running.

Super-storm Sandy itself is currently affecting the North-Eastern US and is moving towards Canada, bringing with it heavy rain, strong winds and flooding.

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