The HOOK3 is based on the preceding HOOK2

New-Gen Survival Radio Tech

posted by Paul Fiddian | 30.07.2017

General Dynamics Introduces HOOK3 Military Comms System

US aerospace/defence manufacturer introduces smaller, lighter military radio design that's reliable, user-friendly and secure.

General Dynamics Mission Systems has unveiled new frontline survival technology for downed pilots and other disconnected military personnel.

The firm’s HOOK3 system is a new-generation combat survival radio. It supplies direct line-of-sight voice and encrypted two-way data communications to aid search teams’ rescue efforts.

If salt water exposure occurs, or high G levels are experienced, the radio’s reaction is the same: automatic activation, then secure location data transmission.

HOOK Radio Infrastructure

HOOK3 Radio

The HOOK3 radio’s development was influenced by feedback provided by the servicemen and -women for whom, in emergency scenarios, such technology’s vital. Compared to General Dynamics’ preceding HOOK2, it’s about two-thirds the size and weighs 40 per cent less. That downsizing theme extends to the battery, which also offers greater endurance.

An integrated, 32-channel GPS module enables quicker and more precise position acquisition and reporting. Performance within densely-layered environments, like forests, is enhanced. Data transmission to rescue units, including aircraft, takes place in short bursts. That’s so as to minimise the chance of signals being detected by enemy forces. Interoperability with the HOOK2 and existing HOOK radio infrastructure – such as the SATCOM Base Station – is assured.

New Survival Radio

The new survival radio is, according to General Dynamics, optimised for coalition operations, while ‘the user-friendly transceiver is software-defined, enabling new features, waveforms and software upgrades to be added as they become available.’

“General Dynamics has delivered more than 36,000 combat search and rescue radios to 36 countries over the past 30 years”, states General Dynamics Mission Systems vice president, Paul Parent. “These radios have helped save the lives of military personnel isolated or in harm’s way during a mission”, he adds. “The HOOK3 provides military personnel in emergency situations a highly reliable, easy-to-use, secure radio critical to their successful recovery.”

Part of aerospace/defence firm General Dynamics, Mission Systems specialises in secure communications technologies. Serving numerous industries, it was established in January 2015 from the merger of General Dynamics’ Advanced Information Systems and C4 Systems units.

HOOK2 radio image copyright/courtesy General Dynamics
Supplementary USAF communications image copyright US Air Force – courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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