New Dairylea Packaging

New Dairylea Packs Showcase Healthier Cheese

posted by Paul Fiddian | 06.06.2012

New Dairylea Packs Showcase Healthier Cheese

Kraft Foods has unveiled the packaging design for its newly-revitalised Dairylea cheese brand, which emphasises the product's health benefits

Kraft Foods has unveiled the packaging design for its newly-revitalised Dairylea cheese brand, which emphasises the product's health benefits.

In 2009, Dairylea included 12 ingredients. Now, there's five less and this reduction, according to Kraft, makes it much healthier than before, with skimmed milk, cheese, butter, lemon juice, whey powder, baking soda and milk proteins making up the remaining contents.

Created by UK-based design agency Holmes & Marchant, the new Dairylea packaging features the slogans ‘best ever taste' and ‘all natural ingredients' and while only the original cheese product's been relaunched thus far, a similar overhaul's also in store for Kraft's Dairylea Dunkers and Dairylea Triangles.

New Dairylea Packaging

Many aspects of the new Dairylea packaging reflect the brand's new ‘all-natural' stance, with altered colours reinforcing its affinity with nature and depictions of a long-grassed meadow and a grazing cow further emphasising it.

"Dairylea is a heritage brand that has nurtured generations of kids...[but] it had lost its ‘healthy' credentials and its place in the nation's fridges", Kraft UK and Ireland's cheese and grocery marketing manager, Bruce Newman, explained in a company press release. He continued: "We've got a fantastic new product coupled with Holmes & Marchant's vibrant redesign to tell our compelling ‘all natural ingredients' story. It's a new era for the brand, and the design celebrates this."

Healthier Dairylea Cheese

"This project was all about recapturing the hearts and minds of mums across the UK, and restoring pride in the Dairylea brand", Holmes & Marchant's client services director, Rebecca Fone, added in the same healthier Dairylea cheese release.

"The new recipe is made with all natural ingredients, so our design objective was to reflect this and reward loyal mums with a great new design."

Last month, Kraft Foods and Holmes and Marchant launched an innovative new Philadelphia cheese lid design, equipped with lenticular technology to allow the display of multiple images.

Image copyright Holmes and Marchant - reproduced with grateful thanks


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