McDonald's QR Code Packaging

McDonalds Unveil Olympic QR Code Packaging

posted by Kevin Kostiner | 27.07.2012

McDonalds Unveil Olympic QR Code Packaging

Making it's debut at the London 2012 Olympic Games, McDonald's have unveiled QR code packaging that contains nutritional information

McDonald's are putting QR codes on their packaging in time for the Olympic games.

The codes, which will allow smart phones to view more information about the nutritional value of their food products, are designed to help consumers make better meal choices. This will become a global initiative in McDonald's restaurants by the end of next year.

Chief brand officer, Kevin Newell, said at an event at their restaurant in the Olympic Park: “We know that transparency about ingredients is very important to our customers. Putting QR codes on our packaging adds a whole new dimension to our nutrition information that’s available here at the London Olympics. We’re taking a step forward with QR codes that gives a deeper look at that information.”

McDonald's QR Code Packaging

To celebrate the legacy of the games, McDonald's is serving its most elaborate menu yet, with a variety of healthy options available. With the classic Happy Meal, for example, consumers can choose a fruit or vegetable bag, and a low-fat milk drink.

QR Phone CodeQR Packaging Code

President and CEO Don Thompson said: "We're using the scope of our global reach to deliver positive messages in a way that is fun and meaningful, and we're confident we can play an appropriate role in helping address the important subject of children's well-being". He continues: "McDonald's has the unique ability to encourage kids to get into the routine of enjoying foods like fruits and vegetables in a way that's fun for them and convenient for parents."

As the world’s largest foodservice provider, McDonald's is the Official Restaurant of the Olympic Games.

Olympic QR Code Packaging

The global company has also aligned their values with LOCOG’s vision for food and sustainability. On their website, they affirmed that none of their waste will be sent to a landfill, and seating and kitchen equipment will be re-used in future restaurants after the games.

Since 2006 McDonald's have made environmental friendly changes across their entire business, recycling 90% of their packaging and implementing energy efficient equipment. They also recycle their cooking oil into making a biodiesel to run their delivery vehicles.

As a partner of the Olympic Games since 1976, the restaurant will serve 10% of the food consumed at the Park.

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