Vigilus UAV Weapon

MBDA CVS301 Vigilus UAV Missile System Unveiled

posted by Paul Fiddian | 10.07.2012

MBDA's CVS301 Vigilus range is designed to give drones never-before achievable levels of close air support capability

Missile developer and manufacturer MBDA has unveiled a range of future weapon designs at Farnborough International Airshow 2012.

Intended to be launched from UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), the CVS301 Vigilus range is designed to give drones never-before achievable levels of close air support capability. Carried by armed UAVS, they would allow UAVs to remain outside immediate areas of hostility, firing them at a safe range.

MBDA's CVS301 Vigilus packages are made up of a combined communications and launching system, a scout missile, a whole array of effectors and a built-in weapon command system, boosting situational awareness and permitting precision strikes on selected targets within a rapid timeframe.

Vigilus UAV Weapon

Directly controllable by warfighters located at ground level, the CVS301 Vigilus UAV weapon system can simultaneously strike multiple targets in different locations and in all types of weather. It is a product of MBDA's Concept Visions programme, established in 2010, and is foreseen as the blueprint for a system that could make its debut in around 2030.

Farnborough International 2012 opened on 9 July and runs until 17th July. An industry showcase for the very latest in military and civil aviation technology held every two years, it is attended by firms from around the world.

MBDA CVS301 Vigilus

"Continuing the success of 2010 and 2011, Concept Visions 2012 shows MBDA's continued commitment and desire to explore weapon system concepts beyond 2030", MBDA UK's Managing Director Steve Wadey explained in a company press release on the MBDA CVS301 Vigilus issued on the first day of Farnborough International.

He continued: "Through Concept Visions, MBDA harnesses the imagination and innovation of the European workforce through the creation of inspirational and ambitious concepts for future weapon systems. As in previous years, MBDA will use the concepts generated to stimulate our customers, suppliers, shape our markets and challenge our own assumptions about the possibilities for the future."

Armed Forces International will present further coverage of Farnborough International 2012's major defence announcements in future News Items.

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