The TIKAD armed UAV could carry weapons weighing up to 22 pounds into battle

Machine Gun-Armed UAV Launched

posted by Paul Fiddian | 13.08.2017

Israel’s Duke Robotics Introduces Weaponised Unmanned System

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that can be equipped with machine guns or grenade launchers is launched in Israel and YOU could back its development...

Defence technology firm Duke Robotics has introduced a novel weaponised ‘drone’ and accompanying crowdfunding campaign.

The firm co-launched its new unmanned system and associated Equity Crowdfunding effort in mid-August 2017.

Named ‘TIKAD - The Future Soldier’, it’s a wholly robotic airborne platform-mounted weaponry system. Easy-to-use and easily deployable, the TIKAD’s able to carry a range of weapons payloads. According to information published by ‘Defense One’, such payloads include an M4 carbine assault rifle, SR25 marksman rifle, 40mm grenade launcher and other items up to 22 pounds in weight.

Ensuring these weapons’ associated recoil effect can’t comprise flight operations, the TIKAD features a unique stabilization system. This has a recoil absorption function and also acts to protect warfighters in various frontline scenarios by enabling high-precision engagements to be performed. With fewer ground troops needed overall, war casualty levels are reduced. That makes the TIKAD potentially life-saving battlefield technology.

TIKAD - The Future Soldier

Weaponised UAV

The US Department of Defense has already recognised this weaponised UAV’s operational promise. Now, several nations are looking to place it in military service, not least of which Israel, where the system was developed. Duke Robotics’ three co-founders comprise one former IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) employee and two ex-IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) personnel.

"As a former Special Mission Unit commander, I have been in the battlefield for many years”, explains CEO Raziel Atuar in the firm’s TIKAD – The Future Soldier launch news release.

"Over the last few years, we have seen how the needs of our troops in our battlefield has changed. When terrorists operate, they operate from within the civilian population - preventing the military from shooting a missile into their targeted area. The risk of collateral damage to innocent civilians is often too high. The primary solution you are left with is sending in ground troops - but this shifts the risk to your troops, which often leads to injuries and casualties. But, we thought, 'what if…what if there was a better way'. So we created the solution — the TIKAD."

Future Soldier

Significantly, this Future Soldier system can’t fire without human input, so it’s not a truly autonomous device. There are still those campaigners, though, that believe technology of this type still presents dangers. What if, for example, enemy forces got hold of it and then deployed it against innocent civilians?

"We already know that Islamic State is using drones laden with explosives to kill people”, Professor Noel Sharkey, a robotics expert, tells the BBC: “What's to stop them from getting their hands on this? Copying has not been possible with big military drones, but once you get the idea that you can strap automatic weapons onto one and operate it remotely, that's very much easier.”

Details of the TIKAD investment opportunity are published on the official Duke Robotics website. Chances to ‘to own a part of this award-winning company’ start at $450. That amount buys you 150 shares. Invest $300 more and 250 shares are yours, or acquire double that for $1,500. 

TIKAD – The Future Soldier images © 2016 and 2017 Duke Robotics. All rights reserved.

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