Klewang Stealth Boat

Klewang Stealth Patrol Boat Launched

posted by Paul Fiddian | 05.09.2012

Swedish-owned marine construction firm North Sea Boats has launched a hi-tech new stealth patrol vessel built for the Indonesian Navy

Swedish-owned marine construction firm North Sea Boats has launched a hi-tech new stealth patrol vessel built for the Indonesian Navy.

Made from composite carbon fibre materials, the Fast Missile Trimaran Patrol Vessel carries the name KRI Klewang.

Described by its creators as the most advanced warship outside the US and Europe, the KRI Klewang is designed to carry out patrol tasks, in shallow waters, at high speeds.

63 metres long, it's a solid weapons platform equipped with missiles, small arms and a naval gun. Strong but lightweight, it has a 2,000+ nautical mile range and a maximum speed of 30+ knots.

Klewang Patrol Vessel

The KRI Klewang patrol vessel can accommodate up to 29 naval personnel along with special forces troops and also boats a high-speed RIB, for rapid deployment purposes.

The KRI Klewang trimaran launch occurred at the end of August 2012 and among those present was North Sea Boats' co-founder, John Lundin.

"Five years ago, the chief of the Indonesian navy asked me to come up with something innovative...and I thought that he probably said that to a few people so I aimed to find the best technology from around the world", Lundin explained in a statement. "We mixed the trimaran design and the best material technology together. And the navy was brave enough to go ahead with the new technology."

Klewang Stealth Boat

While the KRI Klewang stealth boat will be primarily tasked with patrol operations, it will also be used in anti-smuggling and illegal fishing missions.

Its trimaran layout helps it strike through the waves while its overall shape is designed to minimise its profile on enemy radar screens as much as possible. According to North Sea Boats, the result is a magnetic signature of zero and significantly-lowered acoustic and thermal signatures.

Power is provided courtesy of an array of MAN V12 diesel engines, linked to MJP 500 water jets.

An in-depth set of trials is now planned for this highly advanced new stealth patrol vessel, preceding its entry into Indonesian Naval service next year.

The Indonesian Navy was established in 1945 and is presently comprised of some 150 ships and over 74,000 naval personnel. Its equipment includes submarines, minesweepers, corvettes, frigates and fast attack craft. These all carry the ‘KRI' designation, to simply signify that they're Indonesian Navy vessels.

Image copyright North Sea Boats - Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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