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Hi-Tech Philadelphia Cheese Packaging Launched

posted by Paul Fiddian | 15.05.2012

Hi-Tech Philadelphia Cheese Packaging Launched

Three Philadelphia cheese packs now boast hi-tech lenticular technology to showcase meal recipe ideas

Soft cheese brand Philadelphia has launched an innovative new range of lids that incorporate hi-tech lenticular technology to illustrate to consumers the type of meals that the product could be used in.

The lids are fitted to three of Philadelphia's 300 gram cheese packs: Philadelphia Garlic & Herb, Philadelphia Original and Philadelphia Light. In each instance, the lids reveal a unique recipe idea when tipped away from the eyes, with the Philadelphia Garlic and Herb showing an image of a pasta bake, the Philadelphia Original an image of meatballs and Philadelphia Light showing macaroni cheese with sweetcorn and ham.

Peel off these images and on the back are displayed the recipes themselves, giving consumers the means to reproduce them at home. Specially engineered to allow this image change to take place, the lids boast lenticular lenses. These make visible each of the images depending on the angle of the eyes.

Philadelphia Cheese Packaging

According to Bruce Newman - cheese and dairy marketing manager for Philadelphia's owner, Kraft Foods UK - this new cheese packaging aims to showcase Philadelphia's sheer all-round usability. "This is the latest part of our strategy to highlight the versatility of Philadelphia in new and exciting ways and to remain at the forefront of category innovation", Newman explained in a statement.

"The recipes we have selected are both delicious and simple, making them perfect dishes for all the family. It's been a great year for Philadelphia already, and we are confident that the next six months are going to be even better as we continue to inspire consumers who are currently spreading with Philadelphia to start cooking with it."

Lenticular Philadelphia Lids

The new lenticular Philadelphia lids are the second innovation unveiled by the firm in recent months and they were conceived and created by UK-based design agency Holmes and Marchant.

Back in February, a new chocolate cheese spread was launched combining Philadelphia with Cadbury and, again, Holmes and Marchant was heavily involved.

Expect to see the lenticular lids on supermarket shelves from 21 May onwards.

Image copyright Holmes and Marchant - reproduced with grateful thanks

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