Green Policies Put Unnecessary Stress on Manufacturers

Green Policies Put Unnecessary Stress on Manufacturers

posted by Kevin Kostiner | 31.07.2012

Green Policies Put Unnecessary Stress on Manufacturers

Manufacturers' organisation EEF are calling for a full scale review of the governments climate and environment polices, due to the costly administrative burden of the current policies.

An urgent, full scale, review into governments climate and environment polices has been called for by manufacturers' organisation EEF.

Green Policies

In light of results from EEF's recently published survey: ‘Managing Green and Growth', the organisation has advised that governments could help rebalance the economy, meet the countries ambitious green targets and enable manufactures to grow, if they created their polices to work with the grain of manufacturing.

The manufacturers' organisation has said that governments green and growth initiatives towards a low carbon economy are costly, complex and place an administrative burden on the manufacturing industry. As a result, the industry is not able to fulfil its ambitions and grow.

This debate has been sparked out of EEF's recently published 2012 Climate and Environmental Survey called ‘Managing Green and Growth'. The survey looked into how companies are working with current environmental policies and surveyed how they are moving towards low carbon targets.

Additional Strain on Manufactures

According to organisation there is a costly administrative burden placed on manufactures by current green policies.

In light of these findings, the organisation has called for a full scale review of the Governments climate and environment policies to take place before the next spending review.

The organisation has recommended that a more strategic approach to environmental polices, rather than the current convoluted and confused structure that is currently in place, would help achieve a low carbon economy.

One of the suggestions raised out of the survey is a green ‘Stress test'. This test would analyse the extent in which a new piece of green legislation would help the government move towards its outlined environmental targets, before the piece of legislation goes ahead.

This test aims to protect manufactures from government green polices that are unnecessary and do not actually help industries or governments reach their low carbon targets.

EEF chief executive, Terry Scuoler has commented: "Britain faces major challenges to de-carbonise our economy and strengthen economic growth. Despite some progress, the simple truth is that government's own policies are failing to match industries own ambitions with a confused and cluttered landscape adding to the cost burdens rather than driving investment."

The executive called for a ‘simpler' and more ‘coherent' and asked for a full review of current tax and industry regulation measures.

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