Lightweight Medium Machine Gun

General Dynamics’ Lightweight Machine Gun

posted by Paul Fiddian | 17.05.2012

General Dynamics' Armament and Technical Products division has showcased its brand new LWMMG (Lightweight Medium Machine Gun) design

General Dynamics' Armament and Technical Products division has showcased its brand new LWMMG (Lightweight Medium Machine Gun) design at a conference event held in Washington.

Developed in a little over 12 months, the Lightweight Medium Machine Gun is intended to fill a niche that exists between the weapons currently in US Army service. With a 500 round-per-minute rate of fire, it has a 5,642 metre range and boasts a quick-change barrel feature. Highly versatile, it's lightweight and portable enough for single-soldier use, yet can also be integrated into the weapons arsenals of littoral craft and helicopter gunships.

Lightweight Medium Machine Gun

According to General Dynamics, the LWMMG's performance closely matches that of a .50-calibre weapon but has the ease-of-handling qualities of a much less capable design.

Within the first 1,000 metres of its firing range, the Lightweight Medium Machine Gun can overcome Level III body armour and render lightly-armoured military vehicles incapacitated, delivering more than 1,900 foot-pounds of energy. It's 49 inches in length and is compatible with the M192 tripod, along with various vehicle weapons support systems.

General Dynamics Machine Gun

"The LWMMG is an affordable weapon that closes a current operational gap, providing .50 caliber-like firepower in range and effect at the same weight and size of currently fielded 7.62mm machine guns", General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products general vice president, Steve Elgin, explained in a company press release on the new machine gun issued on 16 May 2012.

"Weighing in at 24 pounds and featuring a fully collapsible stock, the LWMMG offers superior mobility and portability in both mounted and dismounted operations."

The LWMMG uses the high-performance .338 Norma Magnum cartridge which, within a 1,700 metre range, boosts the weapon's accuracy and firepower level. "By employing the larger .338 NM round, the LWMMG delivers twice the range and dramatically increases lethality above the 7.62 round" Elgin added.

"In addition, the LWMMG goes beyond providing suppressive fire and gives warfighters the ability to attack point targets at significantly extended ranges."

Image copyright General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products


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