Fruit Shoot - Courtesy of Philip Wilson on Flickr

Fruit Shoot-ing Acid Attack

posted by Charley Wheeler | 19.07.2017

Acid Attackers Using Fruit Shoot Bottles to Harm Victims

Childrens’ Fruit Shoot bottles are being utilised by acid attackers, in order to fire very deadly chemicals at their victims - all it takes is one squeeze. Police advised to check the bottles if found on anyone during routine searches.

UK Police have been advised to to inspect bottles of Robison's Fruit Shoot drinks, due to fears that it's becoming the 'new' way of conducting acid attacks. These fears have been sparked by a number of recent acid attacks taking place in the UK. It is believed that the children's drink bottles are being filled with a variety of nitrous substances, such as ammonia, and then squeezed into innocent victim's faces, with the goals of causing 'maximum injuries', due the design of the bottle top.

Fruit Shoot - Courtesy of LittleLila on FlickrHow many attacks?

The warning, which consequently caused the need for inspections of these bottles, occurred following what can only be described as a 'crime spree', spreading across both North and East London, where two suspects attacked a total of five people in under 90 minutes.

The statistic of London based acid attacks has dramatically increased by 175% over a two-year period. The Met Police have reported over 450 crimes involving 'ammonia or other noxious substances' in 2016, which is up from 166 in 2014 and a lowered 162 in 2012.

Detective superintendent Barry Phillips said: 

"Who would ever think a Fruit Shoot might be used to fire acid at someone?"

A member of UK Home secretary, Amber Rudd, has responded to calls for tougher sentences for those convicted of committing acid attacks by promising anyone found guilty of the offence will feel the "full force of the law".

Rudd said:

"We can and will improve our response. Today I am announcing an action plan to tackle acid attacks.
It will include a wide-ranging review of the law enforcement and criminal justice response, of
existing legislation, of access to harmful products and of the support offered to victims."

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Image of Child Drinking (LittleLila/Flickr). Some rights reserved.


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