The app gives Miami passengers fast-tracked access through Passport Control

Fast-Tracked First At Miami Int.

posted by Paul Fiddian | 10.08.2017

World-Leading Passport Control Tech Introduced At US Airport

Addition of fast-track service at major US airport enables North American passengers only to speed through Passport Control like never before.

An air travel world first’s been introduced at Miami International Airport (MIA), making passengers’ journeys through it easier and more convenient than they’ve ever been.

The airport’s become the first anywhere to integrate Mobile Passport Control into its in-house app. Passengers previously needed to download the Mobile Passport Control app separately: now, it’s all in the one place. This gives Miami a technological lead over all other airports at this point in time.

Worldwide air transport IT supplier SITA developed this service. US CBP (Customs and Border Protection) then validated it for Mobile Passport Control use. A key new element of the Miami airport app, it expands ‘on the personal travel assistant experience already being offered to Miami’s passengers’, SITA writes.

Miami Airport App

Fast-Tracked Passport Clearance

So, what does this mean for travellers? Those using the fast-track service - currently restricted to North American (US and Canadian origin) passengers only – can whisk themselves through passport clearance like never before.

Here’s how the system works. First-time MIA visitors begin by setting up a profile for themselves or, in the case of families, multiple profiles that can be bundled into a single submission. Users are then requested to supply airline data and answer a series of questions. These questions are passenger-specific and relate to individual journeys.

Post-submission, users are given a digital receipt. It’s this receipt that fast-tracks them through Passport Control. Pre-approval is not needed and there’s no charge either.

Miami Airport App

Among the United States’ top-three most internationally-visited airports, Miami International was activated in 1928, so is now approaching its 90th anniversary. Operated by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, it’s owned by Miami-Dade County Government and occupies 3,230 acres of land. Handling more cargo than any other US airport, it’s in the top 30 worldwide for passenger traffic and total number of movements.

“The goal of our mobile app has always been to put as many services as possible in the palm of the traveller’s hand”, comments Emilio T. González, Aviation Director at Miami-Dade. “Now, with the help of SITA’s innovative technology, in addition to easily finding your way to all you need at MIA, North American passengers can now also breeze through passport control with the same customer-friendly travel app.”

“We are very pleased to be a technology partner with MIA as they become the first to incorporate the convenience of US CBP Mobile Passport Control into their airport application”, adds Randy Pizzi, who presides over SITA’s Americas operations. “Passenger satisfaction increases when technology solutions, like SITA's, make it easy for passengers to manage their journey using just one convenient application on their own smartphone or tablet.”

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