Giant Wine Bottle

Chinese Company Unveil Giant Wine Bottle

posted by Kevin Kostiner | 20.07.2012

Chinese Company Unveil Giant Wine Bottle

The Chinese wine manufacturer Jingding has unveiled a staggering 30ft high wine bottle for the global trade show Wine Expo

The taste for wine in China is growing and a bottle of Claret weighing three tonnes, unveiled at the Sixth International Wine Expo in the country's eastern province of Shandong, baldly marks this.

Eight feet wide, 30ft long and weighing three tones when filled are the proportions of the glass bottle, produced by the Chinese wine company Jinding.

This exceptionally large wine bottle was filled with Claret made especially for the occasion by the Chinese wine company. The bottle far exceeded the standard three by three metre stand spaces sellers presented their wines, whiskey, brandy, various chateaus and sets of rum in. These spaces were priced at $12,000 each.

It was explained by a company spokesmen that the size of the bottle was made that way so every guest at Wine Expo could have a tipple, or two, of Jinding's Claret.

Giant Wine Bottle

Jingin's Claret surpassed the 2010 giant bottle of Grande Cuvee which, when displayed in the northern region Liaoning, reached 15 ft high and held 1,850 litres and set the record as being the largest bottle of wine made at that time.

The Sixth International Wine Expo welcomed an exotic list of guests who brought with them the flavours from their wine producing regions. Exhibitors present came from top wine producing countries including Spain, France, South Africa, Italy and Chile. Over 450 varieties of wine were present at the event in many shapes, sizes and prices. The most expensive, the Royal DeMaria was priced at $30,000 a bottle. The largest bottle was Jinding's thirty ft Claret.

The wine event was held in China's only international grape and wine city Yantai and provided a business forum for wine producers and equipment manufactures in the global wine industry, which China is rising and growing fast in.

Jinding Wine Bottle

China's developing interest in wine is attracting attention. The International Wine and Spirit Research firm has stated the wine market in China is growing at around 20 percent per year. In 2011 China's market growth overtook the UK and now, globally, it is the fifth largest wine market.

It is being held that this swell in interest is predominantly coming from China's emerging middle class and just as it is held in many cultures around the world, wine is understood as a delicacy assuming affluence and success.

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