Moscow Airport Bomb

Chechen Militant Claims Moscow Airport Bomb

posted by Kevin Kostiner | 08.02.2011

Leader of Islamist militant group claims responsibility for suicide bomb attack at major Moscow airport in January.

A Chechen Islamist militant leader has claimed responsibility for last month's suicide bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo international airport

In a video message posted on the Islamist website Kavkazcenter, Doku Umarov said: "The special operation was done in accordance with my order". the video was apparently filmed on January 24

The Moscow airport bomb killed thirty-six people in the arrivals area of the main terminal. Russian authorities believe a 20-year old man, Magomed Yevloyev, was the suicide bomber. News agency Interfax quoted an unnamed official as saying police have put two men on a wanted list who they believe were Yevloyev's accomplices.

Doku Umarov

Umarov is the self-styled leader of Caucasus Emirate, a terrorist group formed in 2007 which wants to create an Islamic state in Russia's north Caucasus region.

Russia has fought a long-running separatist insurgency in the Caucasus region since the 1990s, centred on Chechnya. Vhe insurgency has spread to neighbouring areas such as Dagestan and Ingushetia, and it is in this area where Islamist groups have emerged. Umarov's Caucasus has previously claimed responsibility for earlier terrorist attacks in Moscow, including the bombing of the metro system a year ago which killed 40 people.

In the video, Umarov promised that further actions would follow."These special operations will continue ... to show the chauvinist regime of [Russian Prime Minister Vladimir] Putin in Moscow ... that we can carry out these operations where we want and when we want."

His message followed a separate video posted over the weekend where Umarov promised a "year of blood and tears" for Russia, saying more terrorist attacks were planned. "You had better come to your senses and think," Umarov warned,

Meanwhile, a Kremlin statement issued on Tuesday reported by news agency RIA Novosti said a number of senior Russian intelligence service officials have been sacked in the wake of investigations into the Moscow bomb attack.

Image: Dmitry A. Motti/Wikipedia.

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