BytePac Disk Drive

BytePac Recycled Cardboard Disk Drive Packaging

posted by Paul Fiddian | 14.02.2012

BytePac Recycled Cardboard Disk Drive Packaging

Recycled corrugated cardboard has been used to manufacture an innovative and environmentally-friendly hard disk caddy

Recycled corrugated cardboard has been used to manufacture an innovative and environmentally-friendly hard disk caddy called the BytePac that's just been released in Europe.

The BytePac isn't a hard drive in itself but houses a single 3.5 inch internal disk drive - essentially then making it an instant external hard drive.

There's a flap at one end through which leads can be connected both to a PC and an electricity point, while another flap opens to ventilate the caddy. This flap is also supportive enough to act as a stand, keeping the caddy elevated and, so, increasing the amount of air that can flow around it.

BytePac Disk Drive

In addition, the BytePac disk drive provides another way to archive stored data, with a label on the front of the box allowing information to be recorded.

According to its developers, this multi-purpose platform presents a number of benefits. Described on the official BytePac website as ‘more practical than any other external hard drive', it's also reportedly the ‘first IT product that has the potential of turning Green IT into reality.'

That's partly because the BytePac doesn't come in its own packaging - it is the packaging.

Recycled Cardboard Drive

Once finished with, the BytePac recycled cardboard drive can itself being recycled.

Currently being sold as a pack-of-three, the BytePac comes with a single set of energy-efficient cables and, thanks to the modular overall arrangement, the amount of extra leads needed is significantly reduced.

BytePac's manufacturers also point out that their product is highly affordable, high in quality, shock-proof and fully customable and its electrical components come with a five-year warranty. During the BytePac's testing phase, its durability was established by putting its connecting flap through 10,000 opening/closing cycles, with no subsequent loss of quality recorded.

This unique, multi-purpose storage platform is now being sold by a variety of retail outlets including Amazon and the Convar website.

BytePac image copyright Convar Europe Ltd - reproduced with grateful thanks

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