Budweiser Baseball Cans

Budweiser Baseball Opening Week Cans

posted by Paul Fiddian | 03.04.2013

Budweiser Baseball Opening Week Cans

Strictly-limited Budweiser beer cans and bottles celebrate the start of Major League Baseball's Opening Week with vibrant, exciting packaging designs showcasing 23 teams

Major League Baseball beer sponsor Budweiser has produced a limited run of specially-marked cans and bottles, celebrating the much-anticipated Opening Week.

It's Opening Week that sets the tone for the Major League Baseball season ahead and gives Major League Baseball fans a chance to see their heroes start the season afresh with a clean score-sheet, despite what might have happened the previous season.

All the excitement and celebration of Opening Week has now been encapsulated by Budweiser in its new and strictly-limited Major League Baseball-themed beer bottles and cans.

Budweiser Baseball Cans

From 1 April onwards, more than 142 million such items will be put into US circulation. 23 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams are represented on the Budweiser baseball cans and bottles while, in certain parts of the US, the festivities will extend further, with Opening Day ticket giveaways and more.

Budweiser has been involved in Major League Baseball for over three decades. In August of last year, Budweiser brand owner Anheuser-Busch recommitted itself to a further six years of sponsorship. The renewed agreement made Budweiser Major League Baseball's Opening Week Presenting Sponsor, plus it also gave it reoccurring rights to use MLB logos and marks on its packaging: the only malt beverage firm able to do so.

Budweiser Opening Week

While, then, Budweiser is strongly associated in the US with baseball and, especially now, with Opening Week, in the UK, it's the FA Cup football competition's main sponsor too. This sponsorship started in 2011 and, consequently, in November of that year, a range of FA Cup-themed lager cans was launched, with just 1.5 million subsequently released to high street retailers and supermarkets in the UK.

On the wider football scene, Budweiser now has been the FIFA World Cup's ‘Official Beer' for almost 30 years.

Major League Baseball's Opening Day frequently throws up a few surprises for fans. For example, on 12 occasions, the first baseball pitch of the new season has been performed by a serving US President, most recently Bill Clinton in 1994.

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