BMP-3F amphibious IFVs

BMP-3F Amphibious Fighting Vehicles for Indonesia

posted by Paul Fiddian | 16.05.2012

Russia is selling Indonesia 37 more BMP-3F amphibious infantry fighting vehicles, it's been announced, complementing the 17 already in service

Russia is selling Indonesia 37 more BMP-3F amphibious infantry fighting vehicles, it's been announced, complementing the 17 already in service.

The IFVs will be supplied on a rolling basis over the next 14 months, according to local media reports, through a deal established between the two nations back in 2007.

This deal, in effect, gives Indonesia the capability to order $1bn in Russian arms and, besides the BMP-3Fs, the nation's also set to acquire Mil Mi-17 transport helicopters, Mil Mi-35M helicopter gunships and a pair of submarines.

Indonesian Army BMP-3Fs

The Indonesian Army BMP-3F purchase has been arranged through Russian export organisation, Rosoboronexport.

The BMP-3 - Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty (Infantry Combat Vehicle) - was developed by manufacturer Kurganmashzavod during the early 1980s and the former Soviet Army got its first examples in 1987. With an all-out weight of 18.7 tons, this extremely heavily-armed IFV carries a crew of three - one commander, one driver and one gunner - along with up to seven other armed forces personnel.

A coaxial turret design houses a 7.62mm machine gun, a 100mm rifled gun and a 30mm autocannon and one distinctive protection feature is a built-in smoke screen. Performance-wise, the BMP-3 has a 600 kilometre range and a top speed of 45 miles per hour on land.

BMP-3F Amphibious Fighting Vehicles

The BMP-3's been built in various versions and the BMP-3F amphibious fighting vehicles ordered by Indonesia are optimised for maritime operations lasting up to seven hours, with a top speed in water of 6.2 miles per hour.

Other versions include the BMP-3K tactical command variant and the BMP-3M, which features engine and turret upgrades.

The Indonesian Army has been active since 1945 and now comprises of around 230,000 personnel. Among the other armoured personnel carriers within its inventory are the South Korean K21, the French-built AMX-VCI and the indigenous PT Pindad APR-IV and APS-3.

Stated-operated Rosoboronexport is responsible for coordinating over 90 per cent of Russian arms manufacturers' dealings with the outside world. Based in Moscow, it's now in its 13th year and has a presence in 44 nations.

BMP-3 image copyright US Army

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