BAE Systems' new armoured vehicle design, the RG41

BAE Systems RG41 Armoured Vehicle Unveiled

posted by Paul Fiddian | 18.06.2010

British aerospace and defence firm BAE Systems is showcasing its new RG41 armoured vehicle design at French defence event Eurosatory...

British aerospace and defence firm BAE Systems is showcasing a new armoured vehicle design at the French defence industry trade event Eurosatory.

The RG41 is the most up-to-date member of BAE Systems’ RG range - earlier examples of which have seen combat service – and, according to a company representative, the vehicle blends capability and low-cost in an incomparable way.

The RG41 Wheeled Armoured Combat Vehicle incorporates exclusive mine protection technologies along with an integrated driveline and suspension.

It represents a high-value and effective battlefield platform able to be deployed in a variety of combat zones and features an angled hull made up of five individual components, which allows maintenance and repairs to be carried out on the battlefield in timely fashion.

BAE Systems: New Armoured Vehicle

BAE Systems’ new armoured vehicle design is also capable of carrying a significant 11,000 kilogram payload and manoeuvring around within a tight circle, and its power-to-weight ratio is described by BAE Systems as ‘excellent’. It can accommodate 11 British armed forces personnel in all, including the driver, and weighs in at 30,000 kilograms.

The RG41’s overall design allows it to be adapted for the mission in hand, with the ability to become a command vehicle, an engineering vehicle, an ambulance or a pure combat vehicle as required.

BAE Systems RG41

“RG41 offers exceptional protection, capability and flexibility”, BAE Systems Global Tactical Systems President Dennis Morris stated in a recent company press release. He continued: “Current conflicts require maintenance and repairs be done in the field and the RG41's unique design allows operators to achieve their missions while maximizing vehicle operational readiness.

“RG41 represents the ultimate synthesis of combat power and affordability, ideal for conventional and unconventional units.”

The RG41 is just one of a range of 8x8 vehicles under development by BAE Systems. Each variant is optimised for a specific set of battlefield requirements.

Eurosatory is a biannual trade event staged in Paris. 2010’s edition is the tenth in the series and today, 18 June, marks the show’s closing day.

RG41 Image copyright© 2010 BAE Systems and used with grateful thanks

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