The Schiphol terminal extension will up passenger capacity by 14 million a year

Amsterdam Terminal Design Winner Revealed

posted by Paul Fiddian | 13.09.2017

Schiphol Extension To Increase Passenger Capacity By 14m

KAAN Architecten's 100,500 square metre terminal extension design to add 14m additional passenger capacity to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s final terminal extension design has been selected. The overhauled structure is set to become operational in six years’ time.

The Schiphol terminal extension, covering 100,500 square metres of ground, will up the airport’s passenger capacity by 14 million per annum.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s last permanent terminal expansion took place almost 25 years ago. It resulted in the creation of Arrival Halls 3 and 4, plus Departure Halls 3 and 4. The airport’s being expanded this time to ‘strengthen [its] competitive position...keep pace with the growth in aviation and to continue to enhance the position of ‘Europe’s preferred airport’ among both airlines and passengers’, officials say.

Schiphol Terminal

Schiphol Terminal Design

KAAN Architecten was the Schiphol terminal design competition’s winner. Just what gave it the leading edge? “This design suits the Schiphol DNA”, explains Jos Nijhuis, CEO of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. “That was the main reason why the jury decided to choose this design.

“The design solution contributes to excellent processing, it provides optimal support to passengers, contributes to our sustainability ambitions and is future-proof. We are looking forward to welcoming airlines and passengers in the new terminal and adjacent new pier.”

Amsterdam Terminal Construction

Expanding on its existing infrastructure, the ‘new’ Amsterdam terminal will be constructed alongside Arrival Hall 1 and Departure Hall 1. Amassing all these buildings together means Schiphol can continue its single terminal concept and keep everything beneath one roof.

‘The most inspiring architectural and planning DNA at Schiphol for our design team is that of the 1967 Departures Hall’, KAAN Architecten states in its news release. ‘DNA which is characterised by abundant daylight, simplicity of space and a substantial spatiality. It is particularly striking that materials and construction are so minimally conspicuous. The repetitions that defines the space - the row of columns, the information panels, the ticket kiosks, the façade ribs, the ceiling lamps - all contribute to a calming rhythm. This is the true essence of Schiphol’s DNA: functionality is a priority - an exacting rather than bare functionality - it is exacting in how the functionality embeds comfort, daily ease of use and a suitability of purpose. This leads to a natural simplicity.’

Schiphol Design Competition

Other new Schiphol terminal design competition entries came from UNStudio, HOK and Arup, S.O.M and ADPI, MVRDV, KPF and Meinhardt and OMA plus WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Handling well over 60 million passengers a year, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol operates direct services to 322 other airports via 108 airlines. With five main runways, it has the capacity to accept 106 landings and/or 110 take offs every single hour.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol terminal extension image copyright © Filippo Bolognese- courtesy Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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