Apple iPhone Active Packaging

Active Packaging: Wireless Apple iPhone Charging

posted by Paul Fiddian | 10.04.2012

Active Packaging: Wireless Apple iPhone Charging

Active Electronic Media Packaging would radically overhaul the role of Apple packaging, from protective barrier to wireless charging platform

Future Apple iPhones could boast a technology called Active Electronic Media Packaging, it's been reported. This new feature would radically overhaul the role packaging plays in Apple's electronic products, from protective barrier to wireless charging platform, according to these reports.

Traditionally, the packaging used by Apple takes the form of a straightforward, white logoed box. According to a patent filed in late 2011 (and now revealed to the world), that packaging's now set to get a lot more hi-tech.

The patent describes integrating receivers into the packaging that pick up signals transmitted from a power unit, creating a wireless charging solution.

Wirelessly-Charged iPhones

Retailers, in particular, could benefit from these wirelessly-charged iPhones, with the products' capabilities able to be demonstrated, on shelves, without the packaging being removed and the need for an army of wires to keep the phones running.

For Apple, they could equally allow the latest iPhone features to be physically displayed in real-time, right in front of customers.

Integrating wireless charging technology directly into the packaging would also allow the iPhone's basic shape and size remain the same and give Apple the capability to stream new software or firmware updates out to all, retail store-based iPhones.

Apple iPhone Active Packaging

The Apple iPhone active packaging patent - United States Patent Application 20120081213 - has been attributed to Michael Rosenblatt, who previously worked as Apple's manager of new technologies. In it, Active Electronic Media Packaging is described as ‘active packaging for electronic media devices that allows power, data, or both power and data to be supplied to one or more electronic devices housed within the active packaging.'

In recent years, Rosenblatt and his team has filed more than 40 iPod and iPhone-related patents, of which 70 per cent have since come to fruition. Whether the Active Electronic Media Packaging patent follows a similar path remains to be seen but, at this stage, it's certainly an exciting prospect for the packaging industry.

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