Coors Light's new photochromic cans are on sale all summer in Canada

Photochromic Beer Cans Launched

posted by Paul Fiddian | 18.05.2017

Coors Light Unveils ‘Summer Certified’ Range

Solar ray-activated photochromic ink cans from Coors Light will be on sale in Canada throughout the summer months.

World-first ‘solarised’ beer can technology has been unwrapped by Coors Light.

Only available in Canada – but not restricted to any one part of it - the firm’s Coors Light Summer Certified cans come in six varieties. All feature sun-activated ink and are limited-edition.

Pre-exposure, the can’s individual designs are virtually invisible but splash them in sunlight and their vibrant colours come shining out. Such photochromic ink technology integration is, Coors Light says, unprecedented within the beverage industry.

Coors Light Summer Certified

Ink Tech Cans

It isn’t just photochromic ink these cans feature but thermochromic ink, too. Coors Light came up with this thermochromic ink as a way of informing consumers when their beer arrives at optimum drinking temperature. At that point – 39 degrees Fahrenheit - the cans’ ‘iconic’ mountains image turns from white to blue and the drink reaches ‘Cold Certified’ stage.

‘The new cans’, Coors Light explains, ‘use both ink technologies harmoniously to indicate that the beer is both cold and summer certified.’ Canadians should consequently feel more like enjoying the fresh air, revelling in the warm sun and embracing all summer has to offer, suggests Molson Coors Canada’s senior marketing director, Chris Waldock.

"To enjoy the best of summer, you simply have to get outside in the sunshine with your friends and family, and these cans will come alive with you during your favourite summer moments”, he says. "We have a long history of innovative packaging that sets us apart; these new Coors Light Summer Certified cans are taking it to a new level of cool and we hope Canadians will get outside this summer and enjoy them!”

Coors Light Summer Certified

The Coors Light Summer Certified Cans are being sold through the summer period up until 4 September: Canada’s Labour Day. They come in two sizes: 355 millilitres and 473 millilitres.

Molson Coors Canada is the Molson Coors Brewing Company’s Canadian division. Coors Light is just part of its Canadian brands portfolio: other components include Molson Export, Molson Canadian 57, Rickard’s and Molson Canadian.

Designed to make beer-drinking a healthier business, Coors Light emerged in the late 1970s. It’s subsequently helped take light beers’ US beer market share from just one per cent up to 35 per cent and beyond.

Coors Light Summer Certified Cans images copyright CNW Group/Molson Coors Canada – courtesy Canada Newswire

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