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Find suppliers and manufacturers of NBC Systems. NBC Systems are used for protection in the event of nuclear biological, radiological and chemical attacks. An NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) suit is a type of military personal protective equipment designed to provide protection against direct contact with and contamination by radioactive, biological or chemical substances, and provides protection from contamination with radioactive materials and some types of radiation, depending on the design. It is generally designed to be worn for extended periods to allow the wearer to fight (or generally function) while under threat of or under actual nuclear, biological, or chemical attack. The civilian equivalent is the Hazmat suit. The term NBC has been replaced by CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear), with the addition of a new threat, radiological, meaning radiological weapon. NBC products range from protective masks, protective clothing, filtration and decontamination equipment used on land, sea and in aircraft. more

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