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  • Anne Marshall

    Ballyclare Limited

    Anne Marshall has worked with the oil and gas industry for many years. Her knowledge and expertise...

  • Maggie Shaw

    Ballyclare Limited

    Maggie has been with Ballyclare Limited for many years and has a very close relationship with her...

  • Arlene Hackett

    Ballyclare Limited

    Arlene has been working at Ballyclare for many years and uses her expertise and knowledge of MOD...

  • David Vollmar

    unival Group

    The unival group GmbH produces blast protection technologies and a wideband jamming system.

  • Dusan Krstic

    unival Group

    After completing medical college Dusan joined the 63rd Airborne Brigade. He has completed a series of...

  • Kevin Mulligan

    CDK Mobile Systems Inc.

    Kevin Mulligan has 30 years of experience with military ground support equipment, 20 years with...

  • Martin Westney

    AGT London

    Martin has been in the window filming industry for over 18 years and has a wealth of knowledge with...

  • Mike Clarke

    Molecular Products Limited

    Dr Mike Clarke FRSC qualified as a physical chemist and is the Senior Technical Manager at Molecular...

  • Simon Edwards

    Merebrook Consulting Ltd

    Simon Edwards has worked in the field of contaminated land assessment and remediation for over 19...

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